Whiskey brands under Rs 1000 for your home bar collection


The crowning glory of most home bars, a bottle of Scotch or bourbon can be an indulgent purchase. If you’re looking for something a little more convivial for your nightcap, we’ve put together a list of the best whiskey brands under Rs 1,000 to invest in, based on prices in Delhi NCR stores.

Whether mixed into cocktails or poured over ice, the smoky, spicy undertones of whiskey make it one of the world’s most beloved spirits. And India is precisely its biggest consumer. It is also home to 13 of the world’s 25 best-selling whiskeys. Naturally, dozens of bottles with the amber drink line the aisles of liquor stores and bar shelves across the country.

However, the high demands and long ripening periods often impose a high price on most. This, however, can vary wildly depending on what part of the country you are in. That aside, if you’re looking for something a little more economical for your daily dram, we’ve got a range of top branded whiskeys under Rs 1000 to stock up on, based on current Delhi prices- NCR.

10 best brands of whiskey under Rs 1000 to fill up

100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whiskey

Dubbed the best-selling blended scotch whiskey in India, this spirit is named after the Scottish tradition of pipers leading soldiers into battle and is curated by the Chivas Brothers. Each sip is reminiscent of oak, honey, smoke and vanilla. It also has a fruity aroma which is unmistakable. Balanced, elegant, full-bodied and well-rounded, this one is a staple in any home bar.

ABV: 40%
Price: Rs 700 approx. (350ml)


Another popular brand in whiskey circles, Vat69 boasts of the finest ingredients. A blended Scotch whisky, this spirit has a light, fresh and slightly spicy flavor profile and was crafted by William Sanderson, considered one of Scotland’s finest Scotch blenders. The blend is marked by a character of soft wheat and notes of caramel and barley malt as well. Interestingly, whiskey was first bottled in port bottles and the iconic packaging continues to grace Indian markets.

ABV: 42%
Price: Rs 750 approx. (375ml)

Black and white tape

Best Whiskey Brands Under Rs 1000 in India

This classic blend is considered one of Scotland’s finest and is a balanced spirit and light on the palate. Pale gold in color, each sip is fresh and sweet, with notes of oak, peat, vanilla and honey. It was created by James Buchanan, who wanted to give the world a crowd-pleasing whiskey. This one is ideal for cocktails and is made for sharing.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 750 approx. (375ml)

Black Dog Black Reserve

This is an aged liquid that features a unique blend of malt and grain Scotch whiskeys from different regions of Scotland. Triple maturation and expert crafting techniques give the whiskey a depth of character and complexity that few other whiskeys – which are often only aged twice – can claim. Rich, rounded, warm and luxurious, this one has also won several awards and deserves a place in your home bar.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 780 (375ml)

Pride Select Premium Whiskey Blenders

One of the finest blended whiskeys at its price, Blenders Pride fuses Indian grain spirit with imported Scotch malts. It has been around since 1995 and boasts of sweet and smoky notes that can appeal to a large portion of whiskey lovers. Although it is available in several different packs, the prices for this one can vary significantly depending on what part of the country you are in.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 900 approx. (750ml)

Antique Blue

Best Whiskey Brands Under Rs 1000 in India

Elegant and reminiscent of centuries-old whiskey distillation techniques, this spirit is a popular feature in home bars. Blended with premium Scotch from the same distillery used in 1826, the spirit is produced in copper pot stills. It is then aged and matured in imported white oak barrels. Its warm amber hue is an ode to the timelessness of gold and each sip is accompanied by notes of malt, wood, peat and heather.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 950 approx. (750ml)

Deluxe King Deer

A blend of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts, this brand’s slogan “make it large” has a permanent place in the minds of most Indians, testifying to its loyal customer base. Royal Stag could be one of the first to introduce malt and grain drinks in India as well. When he first launched this whiskey in 1995, he was also praised for offering spirits without artificial flavors or recycled bottles. Each sip of this whiskey will evoke notes of tropical fruit, smoke and wood and the finish is pleasant and smooth.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 450 approx. (750ml)

Rockford Reserve

Best Whiskey Brands Under Rs 1000 in India

Smooth and mellow, this is one of the finest oak-aged Scotch malt whiskeys on the market. Made from imported oat-aged malt and the finest charcoal-filtered Indian grain spirits, this one has a deep amber hue and a well-rounded nose with light, fresh notes. The finish, meanwhile, is frank with woody notes. Its mellow sweetness makes it a popular spirit.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 850 approx. (750ml)

McDowell Platinum

Best Whiskey Brands Under Rs 1000 in India

One of the best investments in budget whiskies, this one has a refined, rich and smooth character. Its blend boasts of a five-year-old scotch. Its close cousin, McDowell’s No1 is the world’s best-selling Indian whiskey, according to a 2021 report by The Spirits Business. However, the platinum version is considered more refined and smoother on the palate. This brand of whiskey is one of the most recommended for options under Rs 1000.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 800 approx. (750ml)

Deluxe Bagpiper

Best Whiskey Brands Under Rs 1000 in India

This one is a sweet blend of scotch and Indian malts and spirits and I happen to be one of the most recognizable brands in India, endorsed by a string of celebrities like Jackie Shroff, Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan, each handing out the iconic catchphrase, “khoob jamega rang.” Each sip has a subtle aroma of malt and earthy notes of musk and there are several pack sizes with this one.

ABV: 42.8%
Price: Rs 420 approx. (750ml)


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