This summer, you should grill fruit for your cocktails


Award-winning beverage writer and winemaker Jayme Hendersonco-founder of The Storm Cellar vineyards and cellar and creator of the Holly & Flora lifestyle blog, is famous for using unique fresh ingredients from its own garden and neighborhood to create “botanical-inspired” cocktails. She works with fresh flowers, herbs, spices, bitters, shrubs, tea, fruits and vegetables, as well as traditional, artisanal and non-alcoholic spirits and wines, to create some of the most delicious cocktails. and the most magnificent on the planet. One of her favorite fruits for cocktails is a juicy fresh peach. “I feel lucky to live here in Colorado, where Palisade peaches are some of the best in the world,” Henderson, a certified sommelier, said in an article for Kitchen.

Grilling fruit is easy as long as you watch it carefully so it doesn’t burn or fall through the grill grates into the fire. Delicate berries work best in a small cast iron skillet or on a skewer, while sliced ​​honeydew melon, cantaloupe, bananas and pineapple work best when placed directly on a clean, hot grill grate that was lightly sprayed with oil. Your fruit will have nice grill marks on the outside and the meaty inside will be brimming with fully developed sugars and flavors.


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