The new Shangri-La hotel restaurant opens on December 1


The Shangri-La Hotel opens its doors to a new restaurant concept on Wednesday December 1 called Carlino.

Part of the Kitchen Table group, Carlino is a unique Italian restaurant, inspired by the Friuli region of Italy. Carlino is the name of the grandfather of one of Kitchen Table’s partners and the menu pays homage to British Columbia and the similarities it shares with northern Italy, from mountain ranges and forests to lakes and coastal waters. The menu will offer classic Friulian dishes and specialties from the neighboring regions of Trentino and Veneto. “We offer guests a new approach to northern Italian cuisine”, Chef Mark Perrier said. “A culinary adventure featuring lesser-known dishes as well as familiar dishes.”

Simple and moving, Perrier’s dishes are based on the quality of the ingredients and a fine balance of flavors to delight and seduce the guest. It’s a menu created to showcase hidden culinary gems. “The local ingredients come from small producers and farmers in the region, like our eggs from the 100 black copper Maran hens and the lamb that we raise ourselves on our group’s family farm in Abbotsford,” explains Perrier.

The integrity of the menu depends on fresh, seasonal ingredients and will change to make the most of nature’s bounty. Dinner includes choices from an a la carte menu, but the emphasis will be on the do you the chef’s family tasting experience. At the price of $ 85 per person for dinner, do you is an Italian expression that recognizes the skill of the chef by giving him carte blanche to choose your meal – loosely translated, it means “you choose.”Always in rotation, Chef Perrier do you menu will feature some of their favorite dishes, new recipes, and always showcase the best of the season.

Bar manager Gianluigi Bosco has crafted an intriguing list of signature cocktails and zero-proof drinks that includes exclusive pre-dinner appetizers; Carlino’s Libations, which draw on fruit and herbal infused liquors for fresh flavor combinations; and zero-proof drinks to tease the taste buds. The wine program, hosted by the Wine Director David Steele, matches the menu, with an emphasis on wines from Friuli, Trentino, Veneto and the rest of northern Italy.

The spacious and elegant dining area of ​​the Carlino features an olive tree – a flora firmly anchored in Italian culture thanks to its historic and crucial role in the country’s cuisine – occupying a central place in the heart of the dining room, where it can also be seen from the bar and lounge. A private dining room that seats up to 24 people is also available. Carlino is also open for breakfast, with his favorite morning dishes, and lunch, which accompanies the dinner menu.

Where | Shangri-La Hotel, 1128 W. Georgia Street
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