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It’s Daytona Daaaaaay, it’s Daytona Day. Well, it’s actually Daytona week, but this song deserves a reboot after being so badly canceled a few seasons.

Apparently everyone hated it. Everyone but me so you can all suck it.

I’m launching a “Bring Back Daytona Day” campaign. This is basically me drinking too many Daytona Coronas and grumbling on TV that NASCAR knows nothing about proper publicity and its fanbase.

By “fanbase”, I mean me. Like I said before, y’all can suck it.

Of all the flavors in the world, I’ll stick to the savory, thank you. It’s kind of my schtick.

And what is a Daytona Corona, you ask? It’s redneck sunshine in a can, and if all you got out of that rant was curiosity about what a Daytona Corona is, then you’re my people.

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Daytona 500 2022 party tips

Grumbling and saltiness aside, the Daytona 500 is the first race of the NASCAR season and by far the most popular for hardcore and casual fans.

It features a plethora of fun and interesting party ideas, games and bets on bad beats. Just ask PJ Walsh for the latter.

Daytona 500 Drink Recipes

It’s almost impossible to watch the Daytona 500 without a drink in hand (because they’re cars, going around in circles, duh), so I’ve found a few adult drinks that go well with any party Daytona 500.

The crown of Daytona:

This four-step process may seem difficult (it’s not), but it’s worth it (it isn’t).

They go downhill fast, and the moment you can say “Ricky’s been wrecked again” you’ll be thrown into a buzz that will ultimately lead to bad decisions and an epic hangover filled with shame and regret. Ask me how I know.

Here is a detailed Daytona Corona recipe that must be followed exactly:

  1. Get the Pabst Blue Ribbon
  2. Open Pabst Blue Ribbon
  3. Put lime in Pabst Blue Ribbon
  4. immediately regret

And speaking of regret and Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who is permanently called “Wrecky Steakhouse” in our house thanks to a devastating and hilarious smartphone autocorrect from Action Network’s Nick Giffen, you totally bet it.

Even with his penchant for chaos, I take Ricky to win the Daytona at odds of +3300 (BetMGM).

And I love myself from chaos. Holy shit, do I really like “Wrecky Steakhouse?”

If you’re looking for something fruitier and a little stronger and sweeter, try a Daytona Daydream. This warm weather cocktail will have you feeling like you’re at Daytona International Speedway, enjoying the splendor of warm weather, sleeveless shirts and mules.

Ah, Daytona at its best.

Daytona Reverie:

  • 1.5oz. spiced rum
  • 3 oz. grapefruit juice
  • 2oz. coconut cream
  • 0.5oz. grenadine

Shake what your mama gave you

Oh, and speaking of Giffen (see the previous paragraph on a guy named “Wrecky”), I’ll be drinking this alcohol-infused tropical cocktail with a side of Ty Dillon.

Giffen likes value with Dillon as the best Chevy and you can get it at +4000 at WynnBET.

But hurry, it probably won’t last! My drink. I mean my drink.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, I decided to go for a basic classic vodka dirty martini. It’s easy to make and it packs a punch.

It also blends in perfectly with the screaming kids in the background as you watch your NASCAR bets implode. Again, ask me how I know.

Classic Dirty Martini:

  • 3 oz. Vodka
  • 1.5oz. olive juice
  • dash of vermouth (optional)
  • green olives for garnish

I like my martinis extra dirty (eyebrows wiggle like a vine) and this recipe accounts for that with almost double the normal amount of olive juice.

And if you want a little more pizzazz in your martini, I recommend blue cheese-stuffed olives because…cheese.

And while I’m sipping that classic martini, I’m sweating my favorite bet of the day: Martin Truex Jr. to win +2500 (BetMGM).

To find? I take MARTIN with my MARTINi? Someone has to get me out of my misery.

All, [dumb] Joking aside, Truex said he really liked his car during a post-workout interview on Friday and that’s good enough for me. I have low standards.

Daytona 500 board games

If you’re looking for a fun way to engage the crowd while sipping your drinks and watching your bets, there’s a great one I like to play every year.

Not only does this make your Daytona 500 party more fun, but it allows those who aren’t die-hard NASCAR fans to get involved in rooting for the drivers.

And, it’s super easy with almost no effort. Just how I like things.

Decide on a buy-in and have everyone pick two drivers in a hat and those are the two they’ll keep for the entire race.

  • 25% of the pot goes to the driver with the best result of stage 1
  • 25% of the pot goes to the driver with the best result of stage 2
  • 50% of the pot goes to the driver who wins the race

Good luck and may the odds always be in your favour.

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