Sarah Jessica Parker Posted The Perfect Cosmo: Taste, ABV, And More


And just like that, a ready-to-drink Cosmopolitan presented by Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits entered the chat. If you saw sex and the city, you might remember the tangy bright pink cocktail as Carrie Bradshaw’s booze of choice. Seen in almost every bar scene on the hit HBO series, the Cosmopolitan has made a name for itself – and now you can buy it in stores thanks to SJP’s new Perfect Cosmo.

“We have been focused on sourcing premium, high-strength spirits with the finest natural ingredients to elevate Thomas Ashbourne’s portfolio above the norm for pre-made cocktails,” CEO Cara Kamenev said in a statement. Press release. Partnering with celebrities like SJP and Playboi Carti, the brand is onto something major in craft cocktails made practical.

Ahead of the boat parties and beach weekends to come in the next few months, what better to have on hand than a refreshing and fruity Cosmo? Whether you’re enjoying your bottled adult juice with friends or just drinking from the impossibly cute can, SJP’s signature drink will be the hallmark of the summer — and beyond. No need for a martini glass here.

What are the ingredients of The Perfect Cosmo by SJP?

Made with flavors of smooth vodka, cranberry, strawberry and freshly squeezed lime, this pink drink practically replicates a true cosmopolitan made by a mixologist. I’m currently wondering how it will go with a cheeseburger and fries (see: season 4, episode 9).

What does the Perfect Cosmo taste like?

First off, anything pink automatically earns brownie points in my book, so the taste test started on a high. I also like a good Cosmo, so I was excited to try The Perfect Cosmo. At initial taste, the vodka stood out as intense on cranberry and lime flavors, but was still surprisingly smooth. IMO this cocktail was stronger than average so I would highly recommend pouring over ice (I know, but trust) and maybe even mixing in a soda like Sprite to tone down the vodka if you don’t usually reach not strong- flavored drinks. If you like the taste of vodka, then this will totally be your jam.

How much alcohol is there in the perfect cosmos?

This little cocktail packs 20% ABV (40 proof) in a single 200ml can. In comparison to other popular canned drinks like Bud Light Hard Soda and White Claw, which sit at 5% ABV in 12-ounce cans, the SATC sip of tribute is not a joke. Bring all the cocktails, but take your time with this one if you’re trying to balance your buzz.

Are there other beverages in the Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits collection?

YES. Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits launched this spring — and with it, four signature kosher-certified cocktails that are bursting with bold flavors and just happen to be gluten-free. Alongside Kamenev are founding partners Sarah Jessica Parker, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, John Cena and Playboi Carti. Oh yeah, and every celebrity has a matching drink.

The Margalicious Margarita from Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson and Vanessa Hudgens is a classic margarine with fresh lime juice, sea salt and orange zest mixed with premium tequila. In other words: summer in a six-ounce can.

Then there’s John Cena’s (well-chosen) Old Fashioned, a smooth bourbon whiskey with zesty orange bitters, maple wood and caramel notes for a drink so elegant you’ll forget it’s pre-made. Charmed, naturally.

Playboi Carti’s star drink is the Hardscatto, a white wine-inspired cocktail with flavors of peach, apricot and elderflower that’s a late-night feast for your taste buds. I’ll take a bottle, please, and thank you.

How much is The Perfect Cosmo By SJP?

You’ll be able to get your sip with 4-packs or the full-size bottle version of The Perfect Cosmo at these locations starting May 2022. They’ll cost $43.99 for a two-pack and $59.99 for two-pack of four cans. Yet another reminder that good things always come in pairs. While the cocktails are only available in six US states so far (California, Texas, Nevada, Washington, and Florida), Thomas Ashbourne will go national later this summer, so you can expect to find their cocktails across the country soon. country.


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