Rancho Lewis Charleston, tex-mex restaurant by Lewis Barbecue


Spanning over 7,400 square feet and seating 200 diners, Rancho Lewis focuses on ‘frontier food and cowboy cooking’, the latest restaurant from famed pitmaster, John Lewis, inspired by his childhood spent growing up on the border in El Paso. ; the restaurant he describes as “more Mex than Tex”, paying homage to the culture and cuisine of the West Texas and New Mexico region, while blending old world charm with traditional influences borders.

Conceived by B. Berry Interiors, diners can choose between indoor and outdoor seating. At 51 feet long, the bronze-wrapped bar is one of the largest in Charleston and has room for another 30 patrons.

Lewis himself curated many design elements here, adding pieces collected on his travels and scouting trips, notable pieces including the ancient cowboys and lassos that line the Adobe-style stucco walls , hand-woven textiles and a walk-in tortilleria.

The menu is the kitchen master’s interpretation of the food he grew up eating and showcases regional ingredients from the northern Rio Grande Valley, including red and green Hatch chiles, pinto beans, mesquite firewood and beef. From sharing plates to entrees such as Chiles Rellenos or Rancho Fajitas, each dish was created with thought and intention.

The food menu is accompanied by an extensive list of beers, wines, agave spirits and cocktails with signature cocktails including Rancho Rita, Mexican Martini and Rattlesnake Milk, making this place as much a watering hole and gathering place as it is a restaurant dedicated to the hearty frontier. kitchen.

For honest cooking, authentic aesthetics, and a serious drink list, this latest open-mindedness behind the famed Lewis Barbecue is a staple on any Charleston itinerary.


Rancho Lewis Charleston, tex-mex restaurant by Lewis Barbecue
Rancho Lewis Charleston, tex-mex restaurant by Lewis Barbecue

Photograph by Rancho Lewis Charleston, Peter Frank Edwards.


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