Portsmouth Dunkin ‘Store has a solution for impatient customers


We all know the service industry has been struggling with staffing issues for several months now. As a result, the wait for food or drink may take longer than desired and for many humans, this is when impatience begins to set in. Unfortunately, this can cause customers to get angry with staff. This is really unfair because most of the time this member of staff tries their best and doesn’t deserve to be reprimanded! Chances are, they’ve broken their bump for hours without a break in sight.

We’ve seen many business owners stand up for their people in their own way. A restaurant in Brewster, Massachusetts has decided to close for the day to give its staff a well-deserved “day of kindness” and a break from this summer’s abuse. Newick’s owner (Steve Newick) wrote a very poignant note to rude customers saying “If you feel the urge to scream and rant like a spoiled child please ask me … I’ll listen politely. Then I will. don’t ask you so politely to leave and never come back. “

Dunkin ‘in Portsmouth is letting customers know they’re understaffed in one of the most honest signs I’ve seen.

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They basically say “Hey, if you don’t like how long your coffee is taking it’s because there aren’t enough people working here. So how about being part of the solution.” and enter an application !? ” Is it perfect? We could all use a reminder to be a little more patient, especially in these difficult times!

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