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Several years ago, the Boone family sat on the patio of their Davis home sipping cocktails and discussing plans for a family business.

In 2019, those ideas came to fruition when Jeff and Anita Boone and their children Eric and Adam opened Patio29 Spirits Co., naming it after that night on the patio and to represent a place where families and friends could hang out. come together to relax and get away from it all. the challenges of ordinary life. The 29 comes from the atomic number of copper, which is the preferred metal used to produce high quality distilled spirits.

The family-run distillery specializes in whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, brandy and other spirit products, using locally grown grains and fruits to ensure the freshest ingredients and honor the county’s farming culture. Yolo.

“We really wanted to be in Yolo County because Yolo County is full of agricultural products and the distillers, breweries, and wineries are all related to agriculture,” Jeff explained. “We just thought Yolo County was some kind of undiscovered gem. We’re happy to be in Winters, it’s a great little entertainment community.

The Tasting Room, located at 723 Railroad Ave., features a full kitchen with offerings such as flatbreads, soft pretzels, empanadas and hummus to pair with the wide array of specialty cocktails made with all Patio29 spirits products. Jeff noted that one of their most interesting projects is their line of five flavored whiskeys called Harmon’s Hot Pix, named after a brand of cinnamon toothpicks made in McCook, Nebraska by Jeff’s grandparents. and sold for nearly half a century.

Jeff explained that he was always talking about resurrecting the toothpick brand, but couldn’t find anyone in the family interested in the toothpick business. However, when the idea for a whiskey came up, he said his sons were on board immediately.

“The idea is that we have a high-quality flavored whiskey that’s formulated to remind people of the taste of those toothpicks,” Jeff said.

Current flavors include Orange, which Jeff noted as the most popular, Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Lemon Maple, and Mint.

While both Anita and Jeff have emphasized their passion for their business, running a distillery is not without its challenges. Whether it’s finding the perfect location that meets all fire and building codes while remaining in a consumer-accessible location or juggling the complexities of a manufacturing business that requires them to take into considering the time it takes for their whiskeys to age, the Boone family noted that the business kept them busy.

According to Jeff, the whiskey takes between two and three years to age before going through a filtering process and it is proofed at the strength chosen by the distiller. Patio29 currently fills almost the equivalent of a barrel per week, with approximately 40 barrels currently aging in their cellars.

Patio29 also offers a private barrel club that allows guests to step into a five-gallon barrel with a group of people and learn how to blend four different types of single-grain whiskeys to create their own unique whiskey blend. The whiskey is then aged in cask and a personalized label is created.

Jeff and Anita both agreed that their favorite part of running the distillery is being able to create products for the people of Winters to spend time with their families.

“We’re a pretty unique family in how well we get along,” Jeff pointed out. “I sometimes worry that we are going to have a big explosion. I mean we have some little spats, but really they’re all amazing. We work together and stay together.

“Patio29 is a great place to come and enjoy very high quality cocktails from spirits made with authentic local grains,” Jeff continued. “They can come in and get a $10 cocktail and great food from our club menu and have fun.”

In addition to the tasting room, Patio29 spirits are currently sold at Vacaville, Woodland and Davis Nugget Markets and the Davis Food Co-op. For more information on Patio29, visit their website at


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