Oregon Ducks women’s basketball star Sedona Prince partners with Riff on NIL equity deal


Nearly a year after the NCAA approved an interim policy allowing student-athletes to benefit from their names, images and likenesses, college athletics has changed forever.

Student-athletes have made a profit while competing in college, which is well within their rights and long overdue. But paychecks and business experience aren’t everything Prince of Sedona is after in the NIL era. She wants to help change the world.

In her latest venture NIL, Prince partnered with Riff as Community Manager. With this partnership, she holds equity in the business and participates in its incentive equity program, where she learns from entrepreneurial mentors like the former NFL tight end and Riff ambassador. . Vernon Davis.

Riff onboards the Oregon women’s basketball star into his business with full access to the operational side of growing his brand. She will receive a share of the revenue she helps generate by sending her followers to Riff’s online store.

“As a Riff partner, I’m recognized for the value I bring to the table,” Prince said. Duck digest. “It’s fair and it’s meaningful. I’m so excited to be a part of it.”

Riff, founded in 2018 and based in Bend, Oregon, is a coffee company that prides itself on “celebrating 100% of the agricultural value of the coffee tree”. In its early days, Riff specialized in cold brew coffees before experimenting with cascara – the fruity pulp of the coffee bean that is typically discarded during coffee processing. The company found that 70% of cascara is removed and generates methane equivalent to 31 billion pounds of carbon dioxide per year, according to Riff’s website.

The company decided to use cascara in its new line of energy drinks called Riff+, the country’s first certified carbon neutral energy drink. With Riff’s use of cascara, its demand increases, creating more job and income opportunities for struggling coffee farmers while reducing the coffee industry’s contribution to the global climate crisis.

Paul Evers, CEO and co-founder of Riff, met Prince while visiting the University of Oregon to speak with students interested in business and entrepreneurship. He was aware of her reputation for activism towards a number of causes, particularly her awareness of the disparities between men’s and women’s training equipment at the NCAA Women’s Tournament.

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The two immediately clicked on dating, realizing they had an alignment of values. They both want to make the world a better place. They bonded through their mutual experience in fighting for equality and breaking down barriers in their respective fields.

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“Sedona Prince is a tremendous asset to Riff,” Evers said. Duck digest. “One of the things that really excited us about him is his willingness to step up and be an advocate to challenge patriarchal systems that are just filled with biases that prevent others from having access or equity. “

“I sat next to Paul at dinner, and as soon as I met him I knew it was a special relationship,” Prince said. “We talked about family and values, and from that point on I was excited about what the future held for me. I know that together we can do great things in the world.”

Prince is no stranger to the NIL landscape, having previously struck deals with brands including Champs Sports, Eastbay, Butterfinger and H&R Block. Her celebrity status was already assured before the NIL rule changed, but she wants to take advantage of this new era to continue making a difference.


“My goal is to build a goal-oriented platform,” Prince said. “I seek more meaningful engagements with brands where beyond compensation there is an alignment of values. Beyond just making money, we are making a difference in the world – causing a impact and causing change. Now I’m able to do that with Riff, which is great.”

“She’s not driven by ego. She’s not driven by self-interest. She’s driven by purpose, and that gets you to do things that go beyond something much more. bigger than yourself,” Evers said of Prince. “She is an inspiration.”

Prince said it was his responsibility to use his voice and social media to inspire others, to give voice to the voiceless. As her time in Oregon draws to a close, she hopes to continue making an impact not only on the court, but in the world as well.

“I just hope to inspire the next generation of athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs to be authentic in their drive for social change,” she said. “I hope through my voice there will be more fairness and opportunity for those who didn’t have the same opportunities as I did before.”

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