No chocolate Teddy Grahams, now no chocolate milk … what’s next?


Running out of toilet paper is one thing, but a shortage of chocolate products is totally unacceptable.

A few months ago, I expressed my frustration that I couldn’t find Teddy Grahams chocolate crackers. I had no problem finding the honey ones, but the chocolate treats (which are the kid’s favorites in my life) are impossible to locate. I actually found some at Brewer Hannaford a few weeks ago and bought two boxes. Since then, I have not been able to find them.

Now, Houlton Farms Dairy reports that there is a shortage of chocolate milk. In fact, it’s the powder that binds milk chocolate together that is the problem. But still, this is yet another chocolate product that is about to be in short supply.

It doesn’t work for me. I mean, we’re in a pandemic here. Restrict our activities. Worry about every sniffle. We need our chocolate. It is imperative. This dark and gentle goodness is medicine for our souls. Whether it’s milk chocolate or the dark variety (my favorite), with nuts or coconut, butterscotch or caramel, everything lifts our spirits. Delights our pallets. Instantly improves our moods. Gives us a momentary break from the stress of the day.

So please. Could someone call Willy Wonka and tell him we need Wonka Bars and a few gallons from his river of chocolate? We don’t have a Golden Ticket, but we could exchange them for a few rolls of toilet paper.

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