New York’s Speakeasy bar announces the opening of “Bathtub Gin LA”


Hidden Prohibition-inspired bar brings Roaring Twenties vibe with world-class cocktails and live entertainment in West Hollywood

Bathtub Gin, New York’s beloved speakeasy bar celebrating its 10th anniversary, by visionary Dave Oz, has announced its first-ever expansion, “Bathtub Gin LA” in West Hollywood. The new Prohibition-inspired speakeasy exudes a Roaring Twenties vibe, with exceptional craft cocktails, a unique G&T menu, extensive gin selection, unique decor and robust live entertainment. Located at 7174 Melrose Avenue, it’s tucked away above Stone Street LA, an all-day cafe that opened in July and serves as a “front” for the speakeasy.

Bathtub Gin LA and the cafe is owned by Oz in partnership with actor/producer/screenwriter Joel David Moore of “Avatar” and “Dodgeball” fame and Laura Parkening, a 24-year West Coast hospitality veteran who holds the position of general manager. With a capacity of 75 people, Bathtub Gin LA is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. It officially opened on December 7, 2021.

“Bathtub Gin LA is a dream come true and a 10th anniversary celebration of our concept,” says Dave Oz, owner of Bathtub Gin and Bathtub Gin LA. “LA has been on my radar for a long time and I have a lot of friends here. I saw that cocktail culture was starting to blossom and there was a unique opportunity for a Prohibition-era inspired speakeasy. LA also has an incredible entertainment culture, which resonates with our brand DNA. Coupled with the fact that Bathtub Gin has a strong bicoastal following, expanding here made perfect sense. Other cities are also in the works, so stay tuned. listening.

A New York bar that pays homage to the City of Angels, its palate and local ingredients

Bathtub Gin LA’s cocktail menu was created by Australian master mixologist Brendan Bartley, a 15-year industry veteran who also oversees Bathtub Gin in New York, and bar manager Leah Pupkin, who brings a decade of experience in New York, Oregon and Australia. It combines classics from the prohibition era, such as the Negroni, Bathtub Gin favourites, such as the Espresso Martini, as well as signature Bathtub Gin LA cocktails, including the Farmer’s Divine Punch and the Giuseppe. The bar’s extensive G&T selection has been modified with the inclusion of local gins, as well as ingredients suited to the climate and drinking culture of Los Angeles.

“Through our research, we found that Angelenos prefer cocktails that are more lemony, refreshing, and simpler than New Yorkers,” Bartley says. “We salute our New York menu here, but through the lens of local produce and spirits that honor California’s legendary agricultural wealth and premium artisanal spirits. We also offer exciting mocktail options that fit the healthy Golden State lifestyle. Like in New York, we strive to be zero waste and use every ingredient to the maximum.

Signature cocktails ($18)

  • Farmer’s Divine Punch (also available without alcohol) – A fresh, light, floral and silky low ABV amalgam of Amaro Sibona, Lillet Rosé, rhubarb, winter jasmine, lemon, vanilla and orange blossom
  • Giuseppe (also available non-alcoholic) – Bitter, tart, and fresh fruity, this low-alcohol highball brings together amaro, smooth freshly squeezed pineapple juice, and compressed pineapple juice
  • the western – An Old World drink with a ray of sunshine, it mixes gin, lemon bitters, orange bitters, maraschino and coconut
  • Midnight Daisy – Tequila marries its promising cousin, sotol, along with yuzu, habanero, squid ink, sumac, white salt and lime in this complex margarita variation
  • Chaos – A twist on the iconic Sazerac, it brings together cognac, rye, nutty bitters and maple, with pandan giving a west coast beach vibe and salt adding length
  • Fiore Negroni – A floral version of the classic Negroni, with gin, amaro, rosé vermouth, lemongrass, sage and violet
  • Whole Lime Daiquiri – With a whole lime juice (skin and all), Ten To One rum and gum arabic, this complex Daiquiri pushes the boundaries of non-waste, while its sweet citrus flavor and sumptuous lime oil delight the palate
  • Espresso Martini – Given Stone Street LA on the ground floor, it would be sacrilegious to omit this guilty pleasure cocktail with Gray Goose Vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, salt maple, cocoa and, most importantly, espresso from the aforementioned cafe
  • Old fashioned s’mores – Tribute to Loretta Scott Crew, who published the first recipe for the campfire treat in 1927, it marries Glyph Royal, graham crackers, cocoa, vanilla, bitters and truffle marshmallow

Signature Gin & Tonics ($16)

  • Zing 72 & Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic, sprig of lavender and dried pear
  • Roku Gin & Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, umeshu and basil
  • Bombay East Gin & Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, pineapple and cardamom
  • Four Pillars Shiraz Gin & Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, Grapefruit & Cassia Gray Whale Gin & Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic, aloe and lemongrass
  • Nolet’s Silver Gin & Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, rose and lime makrut
  • Aczu Gin & Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic, cinnamon and dried orange

Bubbles, Beer and Wine

  • Champagne by the glass ($15-$25), by the bottle ($70-$500)
  • French, Californian and Italian wine by the glass ($15-$16) and by the bottle ($70-$75) Australian and California beer ($9)

Signature Dessert ($12)

  • Toast your own S’mores (for 2 people) – marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bar Guests assemble and toast their S’mores over a small flame provided at the table

An inconspicuous doorway leads into a nightlife wonderland channeling a Roaring Twenties Speakeasy

Without exterior signage, customers knock on an inconspicuous door on the Stone Street LA side. Through a peephole, they are asked for a password. Once inside, they are escorted down a flight of stairs where they are transported back in time to what looks like a speakeasy in a 1920s Hollywood home. photography.

Unique bar layout and movable furniture facilitate DJs and burlesque performances

Rather than a standard bar, booths and banquettes, the space is dominated by an elaborate service bar shaped like a 9-foot island with a perforated brass bartop and an entire wall dedicated to liquor and coffee. glassware. A floor-to-ceiling showcase showcasing gins from around the world is in the works. Ornate wallpapers, painted parquet floors, a myriad of unique antiques, and Victorian sofas and tables evoke glorious homes of yesteryear.

Furniture is movable to accommodate live entertainment, including DJs, live bands, solo musicians and sophisticated burlesque shows, with a vintage piano for special appearances and cameos. A wraparound outdoor balcony with panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills, dainty powder rooms, and photo-adorned hallways complete the vibe, along with Tiffany lamps and crystal chandeliers. The Butterfly room, which can accommodate 10 people for private parties, includes a copper clawfoot tub, the inspiration and namesake of the bar.

An emerging neighborhood that is the Los Angeles equivalent of Chelsea in New York

Bathtub Gin LA’s location in the Melrose Arts District straddles the border between West Hollywood and Hollywood. Melrose Avenue enjoys heavy foot traffic and the residential area is home to many up-and-coming fashion stores, interior design showrooms and art galleries, as well as a diverse clientele, much like the neighborhood Manhattan’s Chelsea which is home to the original Bathtub Gin. Located in the center of Los Angeles, it is a destination for a growing list of trendy and timeless restaurants and bars, such as Mozza, Delilah, Milk Bar, Formosa Cafe, Jones, Umbrella Company, Roger Room, Employees Only and Pink’s Hot Dogs .

About Bathtub Gin

With hidden locations in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and West Hollywood, Bathtub Gin is a Prohibition-inspired speakeasy evoking a raucous Roaring Twenties vibe. Bathtub Gin celebrates gin-focused craft cocktails, gourmet bar bites, and live entertainment ranging from jazz and DJ performances to burlesque. A low-key, privacy-friendly haven, Bathtub Gin attracts celebrities, artists, models, musicians, business moguls and travelers who leave their inhibitions at the secret doors for a transporting 1920s experience. For more information about the brand, visit, like us on facebook at and follow us on Instagram at @bathtubginnyc @bathtubGinLA


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