My 6 Favorite Places to Drink Czech Beer in Prague


The beautiful city of Prague is a playground for beer lovers. Whether you’re a pilsner fan or love a light lager or even a heady dark ale, you’ll find a perfect mug waiting for you to arrive. There is a wonderful opportunity to taste great Czech beer in Prague, and here are some of my favorite places to raise a pint while celebrating the history and amazing city of Prague.

After a day of sightseeing in the historic Old Town, strolling the Vltava River on the famous Charles Bridge, and marveling at the medieval astronomical clock, you’ll need the perfect place to enjoy a beer in Prague. Whether you prefer a craft beer in a rowdy beer garden, a pilsner in a charming gastro pub, or even a beautifully crafted cocktail in a chic bar, there are a wide variety of options to suit everyone’s style. I’m sure you will find a few favorites in the list below. Can’t wait to come back to Prague to enjoy another tour.

The places to taste good Czech beer and other fabulous libations are listed below in no particular order.

How to drink pilsner in the Czech Republic

When ordering a Pilsner Urquell in the Czech Republic, you are faced with three unique payout options: a Mliko, a nyt, and one Hladinka. Who knew there were so many ways to enjoy a draft.

Drink Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell brews this craft beer since 1842. Brewed in Plzeň, it is the grandfather of all pilsner-style beers. This ubiquitous beer is easy to find anywhere in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic.

For real pilsner enthusiasts, the train ride from Prague to Plzeň takes around 2 hours. You can tour the brewery and sip a perfectly drawn pint however you like.

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The Mliko

Not your classic version, the Mliko (the milk), is one of those unique versions that celebrate the frothy head. Smooth, soft and silky, you need to drink this pint quickly to consume the milky head before it is gone.

Snyt example for
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The Šnyt

The Šnyt is two fingers of beer and three fingers of foam. It’s the beer the bartender pours when you’re about to drink one too many or they close for the last call. “Have a nyt for the road …”

The Hladinka

Of course, you will enjoy the classic Pilsner for, the Hladinka. This is the traditional cast beer known around the world. No need to worry about the name, if you order a beer this is the pour you will get in Prague.

1. Hemingway bar

the Hemingway Bar, named after the infamous Ernest Hemingway, celebrates his love for a grand bar serving fine spirits. The bartenders will surprise you with their attention to the smallest details in the creation of cocktails. Expert mixologists will deliver the perfect cocktail creation. Provide them with a few of your favorite libation choices and they’ll brew a potion that even Ernest himself would write about at home.

The bar’s collection of wormwood, fennel and aniseed libation is all the rage. In addition, there are over 200 varieties of rum offering customers an unrivaled selection. You will find Pilsner Urquell on the bar list, it is certainly the fanciest place to enjoy a Czech beer.

Pro tip: Hemingway Bar has a list of house rules, including no standing, no computers, no photography, and a do not disturb other patrons request. It is a place to have a romantic date or a quiet interlude. What happens at Hemingway, stays at Hemingway.

Lokal Beer Hall in Prague, Czech Republic
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2. Lokal

Long tables filled with friends discussing the day’s events, topped with plates of delicious pub food and pints of fresh Pilsner. There are many Lokal gourmet pubs across town tucked away in hip neighborhoods frequented by generations of friends who love to come together for an evening of beer and conversation.

It’s a fun place to make new friends, chat with a local about the best places to visit while you’re in Prague, and enjoy a perfect Pilsner.

Pro tip: Finding a spot at the local later in the evening can be a challenge. Pub patrons will be seated at their tables and enjoying the evening for hours. Come early and stay late, the best way to enjoy an evening with friends.

Bankers Bar in Prague, Czech Republic
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3. The bankers bar

As you move away from the crowded city center, you come across winding streets with interesting old buildings that house a large collection of shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars. One of those fascinating places is The bankers bar.

Located in the Haštal hotel, the interior of the Banker’s Bar is decorated like a Republic bank from the 20s and 30s where the architecture is based on a functionalist style. This updated version of an old bank features vintage cocktails and an extensive collection of whiskey from around the world.

Step inside to sip a perfect sip of Kilchoman or a guided tasting that expands the palate. Add a fun bite for a wonderful adventure in the fascinating world of whiskey.

Pro tip: Book a private tasting inside the cellar for a unique libation adventure.

Lager Krusovice at Café Italia
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4. Cafe Italia

When you are in Old Town Prague and want to find a place where you will meet a mix of tourists and locals, try Cafe Italia. Wedged behind the Church of Our Lady before Týn, the outdoor patio is a favorite spot for local students.

Italian restaurants and bars dot the Prague landscape, offering comfort food popular with Czechs and visitors alike. With the two countries close by, it’s no wonder that tasty Italian cuisine has found its way into the hearts and stomachs of the people of the Czech Republic.

Offering delicious pizzas and the beloved Czech beer Krušovice, guests can enjoy a peaceful meal just steps from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Krušovice is a blond beer with a golden color, a deliciously bitter taste and an excellent frothy head.

Pro tip: The dining room is charming and offers a variety of international cuisine. For a quick and relaxing bite to eat, take a seat on the outdoor patio where you can dine al fresco and people watch.

Red Deer (Cervene Jele) in Prague
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5. Cervène Jele

the Cervene Jele, the Red Stag, is a trendy urban bar and restaurant on the outskirts of the Old Town. Easily recognizable with the series of bright red kites floating on two floors on the sidewalk, Cervene Jele portrays the Prague bar scene with flair. Dine in the modern space renovated from an old bank or enjoy a lovely evening on the courtyard patio under one of the hanging red behemoths.

Pro tip: Located in an alley next to the Marriott hotel, Cervene Jele can be a challenge to find, but you’ll love the trip.

6. Kro Bistro And Bar

When looking for the best hangout in a new city, ask a knowledgeable local. My meeting point in Prague is Markéta Podrabská, a tourist guide for a Taste of Prague. This incredible food company offers incredible tours of Prague and the beautiful culinary and libation offerings around the city. Guides like Podrabská love their city, food culture and share it with their guests.

Podrabská’s favorite bar is Bistro and bar Kro in Karlin, a suburb of Prague. “Incredible delivery in the cocktail department, excellent local wines and micro-brewery beers” are some of the highlights of Kro Bistro and Bar. The Kro Bistro and Bar offers that neighborhood favorite atmosphere with bright, modern decor and a warm atmosphere.

Take a seat on the patio and order one of its organized cocktails like a Prosecco Colada or an Old Fashion Miso and immerse yourself in the urban culture of Prague.

Pro tip: Kro has several locations across town, but the Bistro Bar is in the suburb of Karlin. Public transit is a safe and easy way to get around the city. You will find Karlin on the yellow line.

Tasting an excellent craft beer in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a fascinating city built on generations of difficult history. As the Czech Republic blossoms to become an integral part of Western culture while keeping its roots and traditions intact, visitors are the happy beneficiaries of this metamorphosis. There are so many great bars and pubs to enjoy a great beer in Prague, I’m only starting to scratch the surface of Czech hop culture.

The next time you find yourself in this great city, be sure to take the time to savor the beer and libation culture in Prague. You will find great places to taste authentic Prague cuisine in our guide to Czech cuisine.


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