Moët Hennessy announces Australian launch of Volcán De Mi Tierra tequila


Moët Hennessy announces the launch of its award-winning Tequila, Volcan De Mi Tierra, in Australia.

Volcan is one of a small number of tequilas with its own distillery, which sits at the base of the volcano and houses a distinctive distillation process that combines history and tradition with innovation.

Created in 2017, Volcan de Mi Tierra was born out of a strong entrepreneurial partnership, combining the Gallardo family’s passion for their homeland and their deep roots in Mexico, as well as Moët Hennessy’s commitment to craftsmanship and the brand of luxury.

After a successful introduction in the United States and Mexico, we are delighted to bring Volcan de mi Tierra to new territories and demonstrate what Tequila is capable of offering in terms of taste, craftsmanship and quality ”, said Julien Morel, CEO of Volcan de mi Tierra.

Volcan De Mi Tierra is made from 100% blue agave without additives and is built on a blend, selecting the best agave from two regions of Jalisco, Lowlands and Highlands, to obtain a complex and elegant liquid. Out of 12 entries for international spirits competitions, the expressions were rewarded in each competition.

“Over the past five years, we have been in test, learn and grow mode, working to expand our capabilities and capacity at Volcan’s own distillery,” said Santiago Cortina Gallardo.

“Throughout this process, we continuously refined our craft and ultimately produced three world-class expressions. Volcan de mi Tierra is not just a Tequila, it is the creation of a unique profile, enhancing all the nuances of each region. We look forward to sharing Volcan De Mi Tierra more with the world, ”he continued.

Two of the expressions launched in Australia – Blanco and Cristalino – are inspired by the 100% Heart mantra.

Represent the deep sense of community, passion and commitment that surrounds the brand. The mantra is an appreciation of the heart, care and craftsmanship applied at every step of the process, from field to bottle.

• Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco delivers a unique blend of agave terroirs, revealing the herbaceous and spicy aromas of the Lowlands, with the fruity and floral notes of the Highlands. Best enjoyed in the signature Volcan service, the La Valoma – le Volcan takes the Paloma, a refreshing highball-style cocktail with tangy notes of pink grapefruit, beautifully accented with black volcanic lava salt.

• Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino is an añejo tequila, aged for months with different barrel finishes; after extracting the color from the wood by natural filtration, Volcan Cristalino offers a clear liquid but of incredible depth and a fusion of aromas: dried fruits, chocolate, vanilla and cooked agave, to be enjoyed neat or on ice.

The Volcán De Mi Tierra tequila collection will cost RRP 105 to 160. Available now at a selection of specialty retailers and locations across Australia. For more information and updates, please visit


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