Michelin-starred chef “Juanma” of Elcielo Miami launches new 21-course menu this spring


In 2015, famous Colombian chef and entrepreneur Juan Manuel Barrientos, opened its first-ever US location from its Colombia-based home site Elcielo restaurants in Medellin and Bogota. In 2020, he made the jump to the Union Market District of Washington DC, and from there he immediately received his coveted first Michelin star, which was also the first Michelin star in history for a Colombian restaurant. Combining a variety of sensory experiences with unique flavors and textures, Barrientos, affectionately known as ‘Juanma’, has revolutionized traditional Colombian cuisine by combining his avant-garde culinary techniques with his passion for neuroscience. Having been trained by world-renowned chefs, including Spaniard Juan Mari Arzak, Barrientos combines classical training with modern techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Miami.

Located at 31 SE 5th Street, Elcielo overlooks the Miami River at the confluence of Downtown Miami and Brickell, creating a one-of-a-kind dining atmosphere. A stunning open kitchen greets diners as they enter Elcielo (translated from Spanish as “paradise”); offering a chance to see an international team create the unique vision of Barrientos. Passing through the main dining room, a fully stocked wine cellar complements the illuminated bar, from which signature cocktails are created to accompany each menu.

Led by restaurant executive CheF Carlos Flores, Elcielo’s menu changes seasonally with new, innovative dishes that pay homage to Colombian cuisine. CheF Barrientos and the restaurant’s team of hospitality experts strive to create a distinct and carefully crafted journey that appeals to your five senses. The food and the atmosphere will transport you to the beautiful beaches of Cartagena and the mysterious corners of the Amazon jungle. THE EXPERIENCE, a clever 21-course menu offers surprising sensory moments throughout the night. It is priced at $197 per person and is served in the restaurant’s Great Room. The bar also offers many of its signature and innovative Colombian cocktails.

Guests looking for an abridged version of The experiencecan opt for THE TRIP, a t of 13 dishesmorning menu, priced at $157 per person. The restaurant also offers an exclusive wine pairing menu to complement the meal, for $105 for six glasses or $58 for four glasses, per person. While there’s no a la carte menu available for dinner, guests can order a wide variety of premium cocktails and liquors from the drinks menu.

Mixing equal parts theater and technical cuisine, each menu offers an unparalleled culinary journey in the Magic City. Customers should expect fancy experiences like Elcielo’s Chocolate therapy where you wash your hands with chocolate and enjoy it through the five senses, the compressor, an osmotized watermelon with flavors of tequila and lime, which represents the fruits usually found on the streets of Colombia, and signature dishes like The Tree of lifea yucca bread served fresh from the oven on a wire bonsai representing the lungs of the world, the Amazon rainforest and the Yuca Gnocchian Italian technique where the chef adapts Latin American products such as yucca and plantain, and fuses gastronomic gems such as truffles, truffle oil and a pecorino mousse.

Designed by Barrientos and his family, the intimate 45-sein the dining room combines elements that represent the Colombian soul – the same essence present in the restaurants Elcielo ofWashington DC, Bogotá and Medellín – as well as tropical elements of the Miami coast. Bathed in a variety of textures, the dining room features handmade furniture made from imported materials. Colombian wood and leather, as well as a decor that recalls the various journeys through which Barrientos perfected his art.

You can preview all high resolution restaurant images, menu items, management team photos and more, HERE.

For reservations, please book via open table, or call (305) 874-7867. You can also visit the Elcielo website here: https://elcielorestaurant.com/en/home-english/.


Opened in February 2015, Elcielo brings the progressive cuisine of chef Juan Manuel Barrientos to the banks of the Miami River in the booming neighborhood of Brickell. Inspired by the traditional cuisine of Barrientos’ native Colombia with a variety of modern, high-end techniques learned during the chef’s travels around the world, diners will find a mix of à la carte options for lunch and brunch. , and 10 or 15-course tasting menu options for dinner. Menu highlights include croquetas based on traditional Colombian ropa vieja, homemade sausages and arepas, and raw and roast fish preparations using local seafood. Boasting an open kitchen, lit bar and seating both indoors and on the terrace overlooking the river, Elcielo offers one of the most unique dining experiences in the Magic City. Awarded one of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants for three consecutive years, Elcielo is making significant changes to Miami’s thriving Latin dining scene.


The famous starred chef Juan Manuel Barrientos, known in the gastronomic world as “Juanma”, was born in Medellín on June 16, 1983. He is a father, cook, businessman, entrepreneur, speaker and peace leader with more than thirteen restaurants, bars and a hotel. He is the creator and founder of Elcielo restaurants in Medellín, Bogotá, Miami and Washington, D.C., the luxury boutique hotel Elcielo in Medellín, as well as other leading restaurants and bars such as Lasere, Cuon, Kaime , Elcielo Classic, Aguafresca, Shibari bar, and El Navegante bar, all in Medellin, and AO in Bogotá. Juanma is a highly decorated chef and has received prestigious accolades over the years. On April 22, 2021, Juanma and her team at the Elcielo restaurant located in Washington DC, obtained the first Michelin star in history for a Colombian restaurant. It is the greatest recognition obtained in the Colombian gastronomy. In 2019, he won the Ibero-American Businessman of the Year award by CEAJE in Spain. In 2018, he published his first and best-selling book titled “The Recipe for Success”, where he describes his experiences in the culinary world and the steps he took to find professional and personal success. In 2016, Juanma was invited as a speaker at the World Entrepreneurship Summit (one of the most important conferences on entrepreneurship in the world), by the former President of the United States, Barack Obama. To this day, Juanma continues to bring her expertise to companies on creativity and innovation, supporting the redesign of the DNA of important companies. Juanma has been recognized three consecutive times as the youngest chef of Latin America’s 50 Best Chefs, and in 2016 he was included in the exclusive list of the World’s Best Chefs. In addition to her culinary and business endeavors, Juanma launched the Elcielo Foundation in 2008. The Elcielo Foundation provides culinary training to former guerrillas, soldiers wounded in combat, indigenous peoples and victims of violence. He shares this work with more than seven Nobel Peace Prize laureates.


Professional chef and pastry chef born in Venezuela. His career in gastronomy has led him to work in the best kitchens in Latin America and around the world. Among its assets, R&D (Research and Development) and work experience in kitchens as important as Maido, Astrid & Gaston and Malabar. His time in Peruvian cuisine allowed him to learn various avant-garde techniques, but above all the importance of discipline, respect and passion to know the origin of the raw material, a fundamental element of the profession. In 2019 he arrived in Bogotá as sous chef and pastry chef at El Chato restaurant. In the same year and thanks to an excellent teamwork, El Chato received the award for the best restaurant in Colombia and ranked seventh in Latin America among the 50 best restaurants. In search of pursuing his culinary dreams, he began working at Elcielo restaurant, where he was soon promoted to creative director of the restaurant and right-hand man to famed chef Juan Manuel Barrientos in Colombia, who is now his mentor. Flores arrives in the United States after managing the Elcielo Hotel in Medellín, where he began his training with the main team of Elcielo Washington DC (current Michelin star), to take on the challenge of running the kitchen of Elcielo Miami , the position he currently holds. .

Address: 31 SE 5th St Brickell on the River (River Side), Miami, Florida 33131

Business hours: Monday to Saturday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Call: (305) 874-7867

Dress code: Miami chic

Website: www.elcielorestaurant.com

Instagram Handles: @elcielomiami @juanmaelcielo @elcielorestaurant

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