Mermaid Mexicana joins New York’s popular Mermaid Inn and Oyster Bar


The Mermaid Inn, which first came to Manhattan in 2003, has seen a slow and steady expansion in seafood for nearly two decades. Between two Inns and its Oyster Bar, all highlighted seafood in a curious juxtaposition with its hot and sexy illustrated logo. But today, Tuesday May 10, the team is turning away from their usual fare with their latest adventure, mexican mermaidin the familiar waters of Greenwich Village.

Chef Victor Marin, whose previous credits include Mermaid Oyster Bar and nearby Sushisamba, is at Helm of the Mermaid Mexicana. The opening menu includes fries and guacamole, flautas and quesadillas to start, six varieties of tacos, and big plates like enchiladas suizas and pescado a la talla. There’s also a bit more fish where that came from, in cóctel de camarones, aguachile fluke, and a few other items, if you need to familiarize yourself with new things.

Ranch water, which adds tequila or vodka to Topo Chico and lime, micheladas and palomas are among the cocktails, in addition to wine and beer. Margaritas are available on the rocks or frozenand several types of tequila and mezcal are also listed.

The familiar space previously hosted the original iteration of the Mermaid Oyster Bar. And, in keeping with the local mini-chain’s reputation, Mermaid Mexicana will have a happy hour every day from 4:30-6:30 p.m., when a handful of snacks are $10, some cocktails are $9, wine is $9, and beer is $5. .

Mermaid Mexicana is located at 79 MacDougal Street. Reservations are available here.

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