Meet the restaurants serving the best meals in Lake Placid


Lake Placid is home to some great restaurants, and whether it’s a winter getaway or a summer getaway, this is where visitors should eat.

The high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains have made Lake Placid a village synonymous with winter. The city in upstate New York has hosted two Winter Olympics and deserves its reputation as a winter wonderland. Additionally, Lake Placid offers many entertaining outdoor activities and is one of the best places in the United States for recreation.

Plus, that means all seasons of the year are perfect for activities unique to Lake Placid. Ski slopes, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, historic sites and waterfalls are just a few of Lake Placid’s attractions. People who visit the village also appreciate the beautiful lodges and hotels, especially the unique restaurants and cafes. Here’s a guide to finding out which restaurants serve the most delicious meals in Lake Placid.

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The best southern dishes and mushroom stew are served at these Lake Placid restaurants

One of the best restaurants serving southern fare in Lake Placid is Delta Blue. The restaurant has a fireplace, wooden floors, ceiling fans, and hundreds of ornate tree branches and sticks on the ceiling. Plus the restaurant menu is fantastic and Delta Blue offers refreshing craft beers from the north of the country. In addition, the restaurant has pool tables and offers live music.

  • Recommended: Visitors to the Delta Blue are encouraged to sample the restaurant’s deep-fried Cajun sausage mixed with a homemade crayfish sauce. These are called Boudin Balls on the menu. Also, ordering the St. Louis Ribs plate is a must.

Another restaurant located by Mirror Lake offers the most fascinating views from all sides. The Cottage is perfect for al fresco dining, and it’s best to try the mushroom stew it serves. The dish consists of brie and mushroom stew drizzled with truffle oil. The mushroom stew is made in a bread bowl.

  • Information: The Mirror Lake Inn is located partly on-site from this restaurant and offers several other dining options, including The View. The latter is an AAA Four Diamond Exceptional rated restaurant and is the only one to have this rating in Lake Placid.

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Here’s where to eat the most delicious Mexican food and drink the best beer in Lake Placid.

Mis Amigos is the place to go for delicious Mexican food in Lake Placid. It is best to have lunch or dinner outside on the large terrace near the fireplace when the weather permits. This will provide a great dining atmosphere.

Recommended: Mis Amigos uses authentic spices and sauces and other ingredients for the dining room, and everything is homemade. People are encouraged to order the Guacamole Tower as an appetizer. This is a large plate of tortilla chips paired with a piece of fresh avocado, drizzled with sour cream, with layers of salsa and pico de gallo, to make a superb round of guacamole.

One of Lake Placid’s best pubs and craft breweries is the Big Slide Brewery and Public House, which opened in 2016. It’s where people enjoy their food around huge stainless steel brewery tanks. In addition, the pub serves delicious food with its delicious beer. The Big Slide Brewery and the Public House are very busy, especially on weekends.

  • Recommended: A staple at the Big Slide Brewery and Public House is its locally made pretzel nuggets. These are paired with maple mustard and homemade beer cheese. Plus, it’s worth trying the pub’s tasty brick oven pizzas. Pizza pizza would make a great choice. This one is special because it’s made with Dutch Knuckle cheese from Sugar House Creamery.

These restaurants serve the most delicious steaks and wines in Lake Placid

The Whiteface Lodge has a magnificent dining room considered to be one of the most splendid in the High Peaks region. It’s best to dine at Whiteface Lodge’s Kanu Restaurant, where chefs prepare meals in front of guests. The service at Kanu is five star and the setting is beautiful. Plus, people have a long list of impeccable wines to choose from. In addition, the food is mainly sourced from local farms and gardens.

  • Recommended: Those who dine at Kanu Restaurant at Whiteface Lodge should try the seared sole, made with leeks, wild rice, asparagus, fennel, and a garlic-lemon vinaigrette. From dessert, people have to try the unique tiramisu.

On the main street of Lake Placid, a fun restaurant named Black Bear is great for families and groups of friends. The restaurant is not fancy and people can dine at the bar or at the tables. At the Black Bear, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is warm. In addition, the restaurant is known for its delicious steaks and large portions.

  • Recommended: Montreal steak is a staple. It consists of a 16 oz. Grilled entrecote, to which are added onions, sautéed mushrooms and Montreal Steak seasoning.

When visiting Lake Placid, other restaurants where people love to eat include Top of the Park, Generations, Eleanor’s Pasta Kitchen, Base Camp Café, and more.

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