Margs & Memories: an ode to Mad Mex


Will the pain and suffering ever end? Apparently not.

We really thought things couldn’t get worse after the College Ave. Taco Bell closed in early 2020. But alas, the blows continued to roll when it was announced that Mad Mex farm its doors on November 28, at the big confusion and sadness from Penn Staters.

There are still nine days until Mad Mex closes, but that time is essentially cut by the Thanksgiving break. Still, there’s plenty of time to enjoy our margaritas, tacos and more.

As someone who turned 21 at the height of the pandemic, my experiences in Mad Mex are probably not as extensive as those of other Penn Staters, probably. However, the times when I have going for a drink was only a good time. I mean, is that better than tequila flights and homemade $ 4 margaritas during happy hour? I do not think so.

Not to mention the fact that much of the State College’s dining scene consists of fast food, which is always great for late-night drunken options. But, with the exception of places like The Corner Room and The Tavern, it’s hard to find a restaurant and bar that offers food and drink that is worth spending the extra money on a ~ fine meal. ~.

It’s sad to see another beloved State College staple shut down just to be replaced with another new apartment building. Part of the college experience is living in dilapidated “inhabited” apartments or houses and the addition of more sophisticated off-campus housing not only changes the downtown landscape, but also affects more affordable housing options by raising rental prices. it builds character!

When you think back to your time at Penn State, where you lived will only be a tiny part of the college experience. These are the specific places in downtown State College that you are going to talk about the most because this is where the best memories happen.

Like some Penn State alumni pointed out, the downtown food landscape has changed so much to accommodate housing, and it is always changing. Since I arrived in first grade three years ago, I feel like downtown has changed so much with the new apartment building additions that I can’t really remember what it looked like. Not to mention that it takes away the allure of the college town vibe.

Hopefully Mad Mex can find a new location somewhere near downtown soon. But for now, it looks like nine days from now Mad Mex will be shutting down indefinitely. All I know is we can’t take our beloved State College staples for granted, so take advantage – and fight for them – before they left.

Mackenzie graduated in English and is one of the associate editors of Onward State. She’s from Minersville, PA, and always trying to explain exactly where it is. Send all your compliments to [email protected] or @MackenzieC__ on Twitter.


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