La Cantina Restaurant is open on Lower Landing Road Blackwood. Full bar!


La Cantina Restaurant officially opened today in Blackwood Gloucester Township at the property which last opened as Amanda’s Bar None!

This is one of our most anticipated restaurants based on reader reviews and messages!

And yes, they have Amanda’s bar license…and while it looks pretty much the same on the outside, things have changed a lot on the inside!

Mark from 42Freeway stopped by several times and met new owner Melissa as well as Ariel. They are both really great people who look forward to serving the community with delicious food and tasty drinks!

Located on Lower Landing Road in Blackwood, La Cantina restaurant is now open!

Familiar on the outside, brand new on the inside

If you are unfamiliar with the location, they are at 630 Lower Landing Road, next to the Lakeview Apartments entrance and the entrance from Route 42 North.

As mentioned, most would remember the property as “Amanda’s” with its large central square bar and a few extra table seats.

Amanda closed four years ago, and since then there have been promising efforts to reopen like other restaurants, but the challenges of the impacts of the Covid pandemic proved too great at the time.

But for 2022, Melissa and her team have taken over the property and brought a whole new experience to Blackwood, both on the menu and inside!

They’ve really changed things up inside and the seating in the dining room has been increased dramatically!

At La Cantina there is still a bar, but it is completely new and relocated!

They moved the bar to the left wall with a nice back wall that really gives the room a rustic centerpiece feel.

They have a full bar license so beer, whiskey, run… tequila are all available.

Yes, La Cantina in Blacwood has a full liquor license, but they moved the bar to the left side of the wall to open up the venue to more diners.

So it may seem like I’m focusing too much on the bar aspect when in reality…. before the place was a bar that served food.

Now La Cantina is a Restaurant where you can also have a drink.

Not to mention that liquor licenses in Gloucester Township and most towns in South Jersey can be difficult to acquire, so it’s an automatic big deal when something new opens up!

With the bar to the side, the majority of the room is set up as a dining area with a mix of booths and tables.

It’s as if the room had turned around… giving way to the bar and taking up a lot more room at the table.

Well like I said…it’s a restaurant first!

La Cantina Restaurant Blackwood NJ

I spent most of my time on my visits chatting with Ariel who shared some of their hopes for the future…really exciting things to come…but the focus now is on opening the restaurant, customers at the door and leave with smiling faces and full bellies!


I haven’t tried their food yet (but will be back this weekend) but from the menu and pictures I’ve seen… well, everything looks great!

Favorite Mexican foods include quesadilla, tacos a la Cantina, fajitas, ceviche de camarones!

Other starters include langosta rellena, churrasco, grilled salmon…many more! At least a dozen to choose from.

One of the delicious entrees available at La Cantina in Blackwood!

Entrees include fried calamari, nachos, pollo rellenos tostones, chicken wings and more.

A variety of Caribbean salads and soups are available; Sopa De Mariscos, Sopa De Pollo. and Sopa De Camarones.

To complete the menu, children’s meals, desserts and of course…drinks!

We only highlight a few of the items. We know 42Freeway fans love new restaurants, so just stop by and try them out!

And tell Melissa and Ariel you’re here because of 42Freeway! 🙂

And of course you can order on DoorDash!

Delicious and beautiful! The Cantina Blackwood, NJ

Links and location

The Canteen Restaurant
630 lower landing path
Blackwood NJ, 08012



  • Mon-Wed: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Thu-Sun: 10am-2am

Instagram page: Go follow!

La Cantina Restaurant – 630 Lower Landing Road, Blackwood NJ


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