Ideas for Mother’s Day: things to do, places to go


No one works harder than mom. So why not give her the Mother’s Day she deserves: the one built around her?

Most moms need a break. Every week is guaranteed to be busy, whether it’s juggling work and packing lunches, stuffing the car with duvets destined for college towns, or stepping in to pick up the grandkids. So when Mother’s Day rolls around this year, why not treat the special woman in your life to a day planned around the things she loves the most – whether that’s putting her feet up or trying something new. . Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day activities to surprise and delight.


Mother’s Day Ideas for the Adventurer

Is your mother, mother-in-law or guardian an active person? If she likes to get out and about, consider taking her on a little adventure.

Go for a refreshing walk

Why not spend some one-on-one time with mom and find a nice place for a walk or a hike? Of course, you can always take the whole family with you. If the weather is nice, pack a picnic and find a nice vantage point to enjoy your lunch.

Organize a bike ride

Is there a nice bike path nearby? Put on your good shoes, check the tire pressure of the bike and go cycling in the sun!

Do a yoga class together

If the weather isn’t quite right for an outdoor adventure, you can always stay indoors and go to a yoga class together. It’s a great way to calm down and refocus while providing the opportunity to bond.

Then head to your favorite café for a cup of coffee and a cake! Alternatively, you can make delicious hot chocolate at home.


Friendly activities at home

Mother’s Day is all about spending quality time with mom, grandma, or the mother figure in your life. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the day from the comfort of your home. Here are some refreshing ideas for Mother’s Day.

Organize a movie night

Of course, what she might want most of all is a night on the couch with you. Every mom is rushed sometimes, so how about completely relaxing? Make Mother’s Day movie night and invite her to a “not quite a premiere” screening on your TV.

If you don’t already know, find out what his favorite movie of all time is. From Dirty Dancing to Die Hard, line it up and ready to go. Prepare corn kernels in a pan and prepare homemade popcorn with the toppings of his choice. Does she like her seasoning salty and salty or more sweet?

How about some fancy nibbles and drinks to make it even more memorable? Get a selection of her favorite chocolates or go ahead and whip up delicious cocktails. Whether she’s a gin fan, enjoys a pinch of vodka, or prefers a bottle of boutique sparkling, browse our collection of boozy treats and find a drink she’ll love.

Plus, our tipples have a unique cocoa flavor, making them great additions to creative cocktail creations. From a velvety White Russian to a fruity cocktail of tropical daisies, there’s no end to the drinks you can create. Explore our cocoa recipes for more inspiration.

Cook his favorite dish

What better way to show love for your mom than cooking her favorite meal? Dig up those old recipes, the ones that are dog-eared in a folder somewhere that haven’t seen the light of day in years. It will make her happy if you do them, especially if it’s the kind of thing she never has time for herself. The familiar smells of the oven will bring back memories you can share over lunch or dinner.

If she wants something new and surprising, flip through our cookbook, A New Way to Cook with Chocolate, for over 100 cocoa-fortified recipes.

Gourmet treats

Besides cooking a meal at home, there are many other culinary delights you can gift mom. Here are some more delicious Mother’s Day ideas for the sweet tooth.

It’s Mother’s Day snack time

Get ready to start trimming the edges of these cucumber sandwiches. Why not dress the table and invite mum over for a quaint afternoon tea? Whether you keep it simple with sarnies and muffins or go all-out with a three-tier cake, the fact that you’ve put in the effort to bake it yourself will make it all the more valuable.

If she has a special appreciation for chocolate, give your afternoon tea a fun Alice in Wonderland twist with a chocolate-inspired Mad Hatter tea.

Alternatively, for a bit of a Mother’s Day escape, why not be expected? Beyond traditional stacked sandwiches, enjoy afternoon tea with a unique twist of flavorful cocoa at our London restaurant Rabot 1745.


Chocolate Tasting Extravaganza

Another great Mother’s Day idea for cocoa fans is to host a chocolate tasting party. Simply line up a selection of different truffles, pralines, tipples and filled chocolates. Get two of each kind and together you can go through each chocolate one by one, exploring its aroma, texture and taste. Does it melt in your mouth? Is there an element of crunch or a pungent citrus flavor? Make the most of every bite.

Chocolate making experience

Want to take your Mother’s Day chocolate game to the next level? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and invite mom to a Bean-to-Bar experience. Together you can discover the art of chocolate making, try a range of delicious confections and take home your very own masterpiece.

What about Mother’s Day gifts?

Mom will certainly appreciate the effort you have put into planning a special day for her. Chances are she’s not expecting a physical gift either! But if you feel like giving her a little extra treat as a token of affection, you can’t beat a vibrant bouquet of flowers or an elegant box of chocolates.

From a Chocolate & Fizz collection to a bright and sunny Sleekster for Mother’s Day, we’ve got an assortment of chocolate Mother’s Day gifts for everyone. Explore the entire Mother’s Day range to find the one she’ll love the most!


Share your adventures

Planning to try any of these ideas for Mother’s Day? From these homemade sandwiches to outdoor adventures, we’d love to see what you and mom cook up! Feel free to share your Mother’s Day moments with us on Instagram.


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