Gushers make sneakers you need to buy in the Metaverse


Photo courtesy of Gushers

Everyone is sensitive to a bit of nostalgia. But if you like to bask in them, drape yourself in nostalgia like George Costanza with a velvet cape, these kicks will make sure everyone you come across knows you love the early 90s. finger, you can say: “Yes, oh yes, I’ve been nostalgic since I was a child.”

Gushers has just launched a limited edition set of hand-crafted sneakers. However, your love of the 90s and tethering the phone for hours while downloading a single song may conflict with the acquisition method. You can only find the shoes in the metaverse at the ComplexLand festival from May 25-27.

gushing sneakers
Photo courtesy of Gushers

You will need to participate in the Gushers’ “Sole Quest” during ComplexLand. The announcement states that “participants who successfully complete the adventurous quest can equip their virtual avatar with colorful kicks and unlock their chance to win a real-life pair of shoes.” So you have to win fake ones to have a chance of winning real ones.

The shoes that exist in the physical world were designed by RAL7000STUDIO with a gem-like mold “filled with goo squirting out from both sides of the shoes”. There is also a removable “Gushers splash shield” on the top of the shoe.

These shoes demand a fish-eye lens and wacky interaction with an animated character that somehow exists in the real world. You’ll need to get the shoes first.

gushing sneakers
Photo courtesy of Gushers

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