Great Food Truck Race Season 15 Premiere: Bringing the Heat On


Food Network and Tyler Florence are rolling again. Season 15 of Great Food Truck Race is here and nine food trucks are hoping to win the keys to their truck. Which team will have the right balance of delicious food and smart business choices to win the ultimate prize?

According to Food Network, The Great Food Truck Race Season 15 premiere, “Laguna Beach Heat,” features the following:

Tyler Florence hosts nine food truck teams in Laguna Beach, Calif., where they begin the battle to win the hottest season ever. In their first challenge, Tyler challenges the teams to light him up with their hottest dish, but only one team can provide enough heat to make him cry tears of spicy joy. Maybe Cheese Born With It, a macaroni and cheese food truck team, starts out with stellar sales but gets less than stellar reviews. Meanwhile, Cuban plant-based truck Senoreata instantly forms a rivalry with Mexican food truck Salsa Queen, pitting their chefs against each other. The team with the lowest sales is sent home.

Kicking off the competition with a spicy challenge sets the bar for the rest of the season. While no one will want to blow up Tyler Florence’s palace, food trucks have to be bold. At the same time, spice for the love of spice is not a wise option. The food truck that can bring the heat and flavor will deserve praise.

Looking at the Season 15 food trucks, the food genres have changed over the competitions. While a plant-based food truck might have been a novelty a few seasons ago, now it’s a staple. More and more people are enjoying the tasty options that meat sautéing offers.

While Food Network viewers may not be heading to the window to get their own taste of these Great Food Truck Race dishes, the competition keeps people looking for these deals. Even if only one food truck wins the title, many of these chefs and food trucks have a loyal following in their hometowns. The food TV show could be the spark to skip favorite restaurant for a food truck festival this summer.

The Season 15 premiere of The Great Food Truck Race airs Sunday, June 5 at 9 p.m.


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