Famous Kiwi Chefs Bring Their Food To Your Home

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The Cassia home range. Photo / Supplied

Their restaurants may be closed, but you can still sample these famous kiwi chefs at home.

Snacks and condiments Peter Gordon’s Homeland

The restaurant is closed and cooking classes cannot take place, but Peter Gordon and his team are still hard at work in Homeland’s kitchens, restaurant, cooking school and community center that Gordon has co-operated. -launched between closings in 2020. Among the range includes XL Spicy Cheese Straws (increase your cheese board), Spicy Nuts and Seeds (which were on the menu at Gordon’s Marylebone The Tapa Room, and totally delicious with a cold brew), and the addicting garlic kawakawa pesto, with kawakawa harvested at Mt Eden and mixed with New Zealand pine nuts and olive oil.

For the condiment that will go with everything, try Peter’s Sweet Chilli Sambal – in The Sugar Club cookbook, it was added to grilled scallops, but it pairs beautifully with anything you’d like to spice up, from egg to egg. dish on toast for your lunchtime sandwich, mixed with a little mayo.

The new range has always been part of the Homeland plan, but Auckland’s most recent lockdown has pushed it up the priority list. You will also find dukkah, granola (the same recipe you will find on the breakfast menu once Homeland is open again to diners), a caramel sauce with miso and lemon yuzu curd, frozen shortbread. Chef Nagaraju Sunkara’s vanilla and gunpowder (which can be sprinkled on just about anything).

Head toward homelandnz.com order.

Peter Gordon's Homeland has launched a line of condiments and snacks.  Photo / Supplied
Peter Gordon’s Homeland has launched a line of condiments and snacks. Photo / Supplied

Sid Sahrawat’s Cassia curry sauces

Nobody makes a curry like Cassia, and now you can enjoy them right in your own kitchen. Sid Sahrawat’s sauces are made using the same recipes served in Cassia’s dining room and are all gluten and dairy free. They are made with the best fresh ingredients and have a shelf life of four months. Each pot will feed four people – just open them, cook your choice of protein, then add the sauce.

Choose from korma (a sweet sauce made with almonds and cardamom), makhani (a butter chicken-style sauce, but made with cashew nuts to be creamy and vegan) and karahi (a spicy sauce with tomato base). They’re all great with whatever protein you prefer, and recipes are available on the site.

Cassia also offers spice kits – ideal if your spice cabinet needs a refresh – as well as spice blends and, for those who really miss the restaurant experience, candles to take home them. signature scents of Cassia and Sid at the French Café.

Go to cassiarestaurant.co.nz to see the full range, as well as a selection of recipe ideas to bring each sauce to life.

The Cassia home range.  Photo / Supplied
The Cassia home range. Photo / Supplied

Simon Gault’s next-level house cocktails

The man who took restaurants, books and pantry essentials is now turning to world-class cocktails. The range contains seven different drinks and aims to transport you around the world, although we remain very entrenched. Travel to the beaches and sunshine of Costa Rico in a tropical, pineapple and coconut pina colada. Take red eyes to New York City with an espresso martini, a late night favorite that came from London in the 1980s to take over the world today.

There’s a bellini straight out of northern Italy but flavored with French apricots rather than the traditional Venetian peach version, and a raspberry margarita with lime, Cointreau and tequila.

But there is more than just a drink. Take the blood orange margarita for example. Pick this kit and you’ll be serving margarita salts, blood orange slices, along with your cocktail mix, full instructions, and mint leaves straight from the chef’s garden.

For all of the kits, the ingredients are fresh, so the cocktails should be kept in the fridge and should be consumed within a few weeks – a deadline that we’re sure won’t challenge anyone. You will find the whole range on gaultscocktails.co.nz.

Simon Gault's range of house cocktails.  Photo / Supplied
Simon Gault’s range of house cocktails. Photo / Supplied


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