Exclusive: five exclusive cocktails from four of the “50 best bars in the world”


We have long suspected that the most impressive work in the history of mankind is that of judge for The 50 best bars in the world, which, of course, involves jetting the world and sampling the work of many of the most skilled drink alchemists out there – what’s not to love?

This year’s winners represent a true international tour, although numbers 1 and 2 – Connaught Bar and Tayēr + Elementary – are located in London, one of our favorite consumer cities. But the top ten are completed by the Paradiso of Barcelona, ​​The Clumsies of Athens, Florería Atlántico of Buenos Aires, Licorería Limantour of Mexico, Coa of Hong Kong, El Copitas of Saint Petersburg, Jigger & Pony of Singapore and finally New York. . Katana kitten.

The Connaught Bar had long been one of our favorite spots for a sophisticated drink, tucked elegantly within the lavish Mayfair Hotel of the same name. And Mark Sansom, content editor for The 50 best bars in the world, sums it up perfectly as follows: “It is a testimony of [Director of Mixology] The continued pursuit of excellence of Ago Perrone and his team, which is reflected in the way they have developed and modernized the Martini cocktail.

But he is also quick to recognize the unprecedented hardships of the past twenty-one months, with the repeated shutdowns imposed by the various outbreaks of COVID – the insidious Omicron being just the latest.

“It has been another incredibly difficult year for the hospitality industry,” he observes, “and the industry’s resilience and solidarity in the face of these challenges is a lesson in humility. We hope the positive stories around the success of the Price Bars will help drive vital business in the weeks and months to come.

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, only four US-based bars made the Top 50, with three of them – Katana Kitchen plus Attaboy and Dante – calling New York City their home, joined by that of Miami Cafe La Trova. But in hopes of contributing to a more positive aura in the future, we asked the four of us to give us a taste of the magic of one or two of their signature cocktails – although we strongly encourage everyone. to come out and support these establishments now, and throughout 2022… which, we hope, will be a year of decisive recovery.



Dante, New York

Campari 1.5oz
Soft orange juice 3oz

Method: Add Campari and a bit of OJ. Stir to combine.

Glass: Garibaldi
Garnish: Orange Wedge, white plate

Oli Stuart: We used to stroll down the beach at North Bondi Italian, straight to a bar that only served Campari and freshly squeezed grapefruit or orange. It was run by one of the old legends of the Australian bar scene.

We wanted to replicate this same simple ritual, when we opened Caffe Dante. This is the hallmark of what we do: finding “innovation through authenticity”. It really has become the hallmark of our program, researching only the best quality ingredients, combining them with classic recipes and serving them in the best form.

Orange juice should always be squeezed to order, and combined with Campari, this taste will transport you to a magical place.


Attaboy, New York

2 oz of scotch mixed

.75 oz fresh lemon juice

.38 ounces of honey

.38 oz sweet ginger juice

Method: Shake and serve on a large cube, garnish with a float of Islay Scotch

Glass: rock glass

Garnish: Ginger candy skewers

Created by Sam Ross at Milk & Honey, the precursor of Attaboy in the 2000s, penicillin quickly made its way into the cocktail world and established itself as an internationally recognized modern classic. It is the most requested drink at Attaboy to date.

Provided by Brutt Kubat

Amaretto Sour

Katana Kitchen, New York

1.25 oz. rye whiskey

.75oz of amaretto liqueur

Salted plum shrub .75oz

.75oz of freshly squeezed and filtered juice

.75oz egg white

Method: Add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker to incorporate them together. Add ice and shake. Filter over fresh ice.

Glass: Rocks

Topping: Twisted lemon (throw) + yukari

Masa Urushido: The inspiration comes from Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s take (whiskey and amaretto base), but this one offers a Japanese umami touch. Sweetness of honey, a touch of fruit and salt from picked Japanese plum “ume”, with fresh lemon and a nice rye bringing together balance.

Buena vista

Cafe La Trova, Miami

1 ½ ounce Bombay Sapphire gin

½ oz of Saint-Germain elderflower liqueur

½ ounce of lime juice

½ oz of simple syrup (1: 1)

oz of cucumber juice

6-8 mint leaves

Method: Add ice, stir for 15 seconds and serve double filtered

Glass: Martini glass

Garnish: Cucumber wheel and a mint leaf

Julio Cabrera: “This is an award-winning cocktail inspired by traditional Cuban music group Buenavista Social Club.

El Guayabero

Cafe La Trova, Miami

2 oz Casa Noble tequila reposado

oz of cayenne-agave syrup

oz lime juice

¾ oz guava marmalade

METHOD: Add ice, stir for 10 seconds and serve stretched over crushed ice

GLASS: transparent Tiki mug

TOPPING: Guava & timbita cheese in a cocktail umbrella

Julio Cabrera: “This cocktail was inspired by the singer of traditional Cuban music, Faustino Oramas, ‘El Guayabero’.”


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