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New York State schoolchildren who have been exposed to Covid-19, but are not showing symptoms, will they be allowed to stay in school instead of being quarantined at home?

Under New York State’s Test To Stay (TTS) guidelines, they will also be able to. New York State has notified county health departments that they now have the option of allowing school districts to offer TTS to students and their families.

NYSDOH recognizes TTS as a strategy that allows close contacts to avoid exclusion from school (but not other quarantine settings) by testing negative with a rapid NAAT test or antigen test (eg, BinaxNOW) every day school for seven days after the show.

Back in October 2021, NYSDOH does not have recommend TTS. Buffalo News reports that the Department of Health is still not recommending this approach in December or providing resources to support it. What they are doing is providing new direction since the program “gained media attention and piloted in some jurisdictions. “

This is how the test to stay works

The test to stay procedure would require students who wish to avoid quarantine to test negative on a rapid test every day. This test would last for seven days after potential exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID. The current recommendation from New York State is that students considered to be close contacts of a COVID-positive person remain in quarantine for 10 days from the date of exposure, unless they are vaccinated.

According to Syracuse.comOnondaga County Principal Ryan McMahon urges school districts to adopt “test-to-stay” policies:

“We have to keep the kids in school,” McMahon said. “We will support school districts and help them where we can. McMahon said school districts would decide whether or not to offer the test-to-stay approach. “

State guidelines say local health departments may also allow parents to use over-the-counter home Covid tests as evidence to keep students in school.

What are parents’ thoughts on the test to stay?

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