Every Crush flavor ranked from worst to best


Generally, soda is a fairly high-sugar drink, with a single can or bottle of the drink being just, if not significantly, sweeter than a serving of Baskin Robbins ice cream. If you’re trying to watch your sugar intake or cut back on more sugary foods, it can get tricky if you’re someone who really likes ordering a cup of soda with your takeout or opening a can yourself. as you prepare dinner at home. Fortunately, a range of sugar-free and diet sodas have become increasingly popular, and even Crush offers a sugar-free variant of its well-known orange soda, which comes in the same bright orange color and with a fresh look. .

Crush’s Zero Sugar Orange Soda is a wonderful citrus-flavored orange drink, and while it’s not hard to tell it apart from its regular variation, especially due to the labeling, it’s still a solid orange drink. It’s not as sweet, for obvious reasons, but it’s pretty close, if not a little watered down, both in flavor and sweetness. If you’re looking for a solid, sugar-free drink, you may enjoy this drink, although we certainly know of other sugar-free sodas that we’ve found to be much tastier and more appealing. Anyway, it was far from bad and I wouldn’t say no if we were offered it.


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