Delicious Kahlua holiday cocktails to brighten up your routine


Building a break from your schedule for some free time, self-care, and spontaneity is a great way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the season. And while this time of year is certainly buzzing with excitement; colder, darker days are around the corner. But shorter days and colder nights don’t have to be boring.

Kahlúa, this rich and sweet liqueur made from real coffee, is the perfect pick-me-up to brighten up the gray days of winter. Coming up are our favorite ways to add play to everyday life, plus some fabulous cocktail ideas for a tasty splash of flavor.

Brighten up your date night

When it comes to planning a date, why do the same thing every time? Catch your sweetheart and have a chic and sultry evening at home. Put on some jazz, wear your best little red dress, order in this new upscale restaurant and enjoy a classic cocktail, with a touch of originality. Infuse Kahlúa in a Cold infused martini or a spicy Spiked espresso for a sweet and sophisticated drink that pairs perfectly with Miles Davis and slowly dances with your honey.

Turn your home into a tropical oasis

If you can’t really fly away for a hot beach getaway this year, why not turn your home into a tropical paradise? Channel the vibes of the beach with relaxing tunes, turn up the thermostat, don your favorite vacation outfit and cook up a frosty Kahlua Margarita to enjoy with your BFF.

Adopt the stay

There is nothing quite like bundling up while marveling at the twinkling city lights. Head to downtown Toronto for dream ice skating, and end the evening with a stay at your favorite spot. Once toasty in your room, order a steaming hot chocolate (whipped cream on the side) and add a touch of Kahlúa’s limited-edition holiday flavor, Mint Mocha, for a touch of the season. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and pull out your favorite feel-good movie. Happiness!

Plan a gourmet brunch

Host a Sunday brunch with all the toppings and don’t forget to serve a signature cocktail. Kahlúa has been around since 1936 (so they’re experts at passing the good times), but they’ve updated the classic cafes to make your time with family and friends even more memorable. This tip Cafe Dalgona recipe is sure to be a hit.

Visit a new place

If you are in Toronto, don’t forget to stop by the new Gray Café pop-up store in Kahlúa for a surprising experience (think of flash-mob style musical acts that will be unveiled daily) bringing a touch of brightness and lightness though. necessary in the dark days of November. And to top it off, this cool and sensory activation on Queen Street West will be offering free coffee for a limited time until November 25.

Kahlúa is committed to ensuring the health and safety of customers and staff. Mask required, proof of vaccination and photo ID will be required for entryGray Café Pop-Up delivers coffee-tainment

And if you really want to add a little playfulness to your day, the in-house coffee mixologists have developed a delicious cocktail, inspired by a Canadian classic: the double-double, made with coffee bitters and an extra dose of Kahlúa for double the flavor of the coffee. . And with 71% of Canadians who love coffee, what could be more exciting than that? Here’s how to do it at home:

Canadian Highball Kahlúa

In your favorite glass:
– Fill with ice cubes
– Add 1.5oz Kahlúa
– Add 5 or 6 dashes (a good amount, don’t be shy!) Of bitter coffee
– Top with 3 to 5 ounces of soda
– Garnish with your favorite Canadian treat, like a Timbit skewer or a maple chocolate wedge. Cheers!

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