Colectivo Mexicano Cervecero: Specialist in Cerveza Artesanal Mexicana


From our Love Handles records of the beer bars we love: In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, this knowledgeable and welcoming bar on Quinta Avenida is all about local artisanal cerveza.

What it is: A decade ago, when you could almost count the number of Mexican craft breweries on your fingers, Argentinian expat Miguel Antoniucci opened Club de la Cerveza, the first beer bar in the touristy town of Playa del Carmen, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. In 2018, on the heels of a craft brewing explosion in the country, he followed up with Colectivo Mexicano Cervecero, or CMC, a bar devoted to all things Mexican, especially beer.

Why it’s great: While the Club continues to delight with its beach bar vibe and wide international selection, CMC, a few blocks from the famous Quinta Avenida de Playa, has a more modern vibe: exposed brickwork, cozy banquets, late-night jazz, draw lines and loaded refrigerators. with the best of Mexican craft beer. Whether the beers are brewed a few miles south or across the country, Antoniucci sources not only the award-winning and best-selling, but also many of the country’s most creative and coveted ales and lagers. The service staff, who speak fluent English, are adept at guiding visitors through the selections. —Stephane Beaumont

Hours: 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., daily
Address: Quinta Avenida between Calle 40 and 42, Playa del Carmen, QR, Mexico
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