BGPL USA Announces Newest Import Just in Time for National Rosé Day: Listel Pet Nat


As the global celebration of all things rosé approaches, American consumers can now enjoy France’s most popular rosé brand.

NEW YORK, NY (May 31, 2022) – BGPL USA, the importer and distributor of renowned French wine houses Barton & Guestier, Patriarche and Listel in the United States, today announced the release of the company’s latest product import and product launch in the States States: Listel PET NAT. Listel is the best-selling dry rosé in France with more than 2.5 million cases sold worldwide. With the second Saturday in June recognized as National Rosé Day, BGPL USA kicks off rosé season with the launch of Listel PET NAT. Consumers can find the wine available now at more than 250 stores nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $17.99.

PET NAT is the abbreviation of “pétillant naturel” which translates to “naturally sparkling” in French. Rich blend of Sémillon and Carignan from the South of France, Listel PET NAT is a refreshing version of the ancestral method much appreciated by consumers; and with no added sugar, sulfites or preservatives, it’s a healthier option for wine drinkers looking to embrace the “better for you” trend in time for summer and beyond. The wine is also low in alcohol by volume at 9.5% and vegan.

The tasting notes of Listel PET NAT include a bright and lively rosy color offered in a well-balanced and fleshy wine. The wine has raspberry and citrus aromas on the nose, leading to more fruity flavors on the palate with a refreshing, dry and sparkling finish. Listel PET NAT is obtained by partial fermentation of fresh grape must. Fermentation is stopped by cooling the tank and bottling is followed by pasteurization to stabilize the wine.

The bottle displays a number of unique elements designed to represent the incomparable vineyards of Listel, a house with over a century of history. The wine is bottled in a light-tinted bottle to showcase the wine’s elegant rosy hue and features a pink crown cork and vertical band, paying homage to the spirit of handmade, artisanal sparkling beverages. The eye-catching Listel PET NAT label features elegant gold and copper embossed lettering and light reed grass in the background to represent the land of Listel with its sunny and breezy Mediterranean climate. Listel PET NAT is best served between 42°F and 46°F (6°C and 8°C).

“Listel PET NAT is a guarantee for consumers of the quality of our wines and a celebration of its southern France origin,” says Véronique Florentin, winemaker of Listel. Véronique is one of BGPL USA’s many pioneer winemakers leading the wine industry. “Listel has strength in its technical equipment and state-of-the-art cellars and we are excited to bring the latest addition to the Listel portfolio to US consumers who appreciate the growing trend and new wave style that PET NAT offers.”

The history of Listel is unique since it dates back to the 19th century when the brand was originally called “Les Salins du Midi”, a salt producing company and owner of vast sandy areas in the regions of Camargue and Sète. . Seeking to expand the use of their land beyond salt production, and after multiple trials of growing vines in sand and salt, the company finally found success. The first vines were planted on the plot called “Isles de Stel”, giving rise to the name Listel.

As consumers shift to more affordable forms of sparkling, as evidenced by the 13% increase in sales in the sparkling wine category among U.S. drinkers over the past two years, according to offsite sales data from Nielsen, PET NAT will continue to play a central role. role in category appeal. The launch of Listel PET NAT in the United States will provide consumers with a healthier, economical and quality dry rosé wine before summer. Consumers can find the wine available now at select retailers, including Total Wine & More, Trader Joe’sand more via locator.


Importer and distributor of the Barton & Guestier, Patriarche and Listel brands in the United States, BGPL USA offers a complete portfolio of French wines for the American market. Barton & Guestier is the oldest wine house in Bordeaux, with three centuries of winemaking history and award-winning wines from nearly two hundred winemakers in France. Based in Beaune, Patriarche is a Burgundy house specializing in Charmat Method and Traditional Method sparkling wines as well as AOC still wines. Patriarche’s underground cellars, the largest in Europe, age 3 million bottles and welcome around 45,000 visitors each year. Listel is the producer of the best-selling rosé wine in France. Social networks: @bartonguestier_france, @veuveduvernay, @listelusaofficial; Website:



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