8 tequila cocktails for summer that aren’t “LA Edition” margaritas


Tequila is having a moment right now, and we’re here for it. This once cringe-worthy liquor has been elevated to a drink to sip. With more high-end brands churning out stellar tequila, it’s deservedly taking its place on the top shelf. Say goodbye to the days of sipping on overly sweet and sour margaritas and say hello to a refined, creamy spirit that deserves to be savored seriously. Here are eight tequila cocktails to try in LA this summer. The best tequila cocktails

Cocktail not to be missed: thyme for an action

Ingredients: Tequila Milagrograpefruit, ginger, honey, lime and thyme

Elevated rooftop lounge is a prime spot in Venice to watch the sun sink into the sea. This welcoming rooftop is as laid-back as the beach below. Besides the view, the next best thing the High Rooftop Lounge has to offer is the Thyme for Some Action cocktail.

Location: Venice Beach

The best tequila cocktails

Unmissable cocktail: the Casita Squad

Ingredients: Mezcal, Tequila MilagroStrega, lime, Urfa and pomegranate molasses

For an understated and welcoming atmosphere, look no further than momed. The youthful vibe of this Mediterranean cafe is a breath of fresh (open) air, especially as the walls disappear into the patio. A perfect setting for a brunch with friends: gather your team and make yourself comfortable. You’ll be here a while to enjoy The Casita Squad, a collision of smoky and sweet flavors that will have you ordering another one of those cocktails.

Location: Atwater Village


Unmissable cocktail: Cha-Ching

Credit: Hollywood Roosevelt

Ingredients: Tequila MilagroCynar, chilli, cinnamon, orange and lemon

Located in the heart of Hollywood, this hotel exudes old-fashioned glamour, from the rich decor to the decadent drinks. With six watering holes to choose from, there’s a bar for every mood. The chic yet relaxed atmosphere of this hotel is an ideal meeting place to start an evening with your soul mates. We recommend starting The guest room for a few games of vintage bowling. Order your Cha-Ching cocktail with Tequila Milagro for a creamy sip!

Location: Hollywood

The best tequila cocktails

Must-have cocktail: nightshade

Ingredients: Tequila Dahlia, fresh lemon, yellow pepper and heat

Inside an antique warehouse in the Arts District, you’ll find privacy and beauty in the vastness of this indoor/outdoor space. To Manuela, the juxtaposition of brick and metal against warm woods and soft greenery create an artistic continuity that is truly a unique experience. Order the salty and tangy grilled amberjack and pair it with our cocktail of choice, The Nightshade.

Location: Arts district

Unmissable cocktail: Queen of the South

Credit: Eddie Sanchez

Ingredients: Tequila MilagroCointreau, mango nectar, chipotle agave, lime, Tajin

Nestled in the marina with dreamy east waterfront views Sea sidelocated at the romantic Jamaica Bay Inn. It’s a great place for an intimate night with someone you love, especially when the waters reflect those purple-pink sunsets. Spanish octopus and Loch Duarte salmon are great dishes to share, and even better paired with tequila cocktails.

Location: Marina del Rey

The best tequila cocktails

Unmissable cocktail: The Royal We

Ingredients: Codigo Tequila, pisco, Pernod and guava

This rooftop bar will make you feel like you’re partying at your friend’s house. The cocktails are just as sunny and uplifting as the vibe, and it’s all sprinkled with a bit of Hollywood magic. It’s always a buzzing spot at any time of the day with its vibrant energy, not to mention its sweeping views of the Hollywood sign and downtown Los Angeles.

Location: Hollywood

Unmissable cocktail: the Summer Spritz

1 credit

Ingredients: tequila blanco, Lillet Blanc, grapefruit, orange blossom water and bubbles

The pulse of the French Riviera beats strong in Hollywood with the striking setting, verdant greenery and attractive clientele of Bar Lily. Located in the center of Hollywood, this bar is perched atop the Thompson Hotel with an open-air view of downtown and the Hollywood Hills. Dripping with luxury in the South of France, the cocktails will make you feel as good as the backdrop looks.

Location: Hollywood

The best tequila cocktails

Unmissable cocktail: Azul Blue Sky

Ingredients: El Tequileno Reposado, blueberry puree, agave nectar and fresh lime

Style and sophistication combine in this ivy-covered oasis with a crowd that mirrors its glamorous aesthetic. The cocktails at sky bar are just as flawless as the skyline. Order an Azul Blue Sky or treat yourself to a pitcher with your friends while you sunbathe by the pool by day and dance under the dark blue sky at night. Catch a DJ set every weekend once the sun goes down.

Location: West Hollywood

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