5 mobile bars in Nashville for your next event


Every festive event deserves an equally festive range of toast drinks. Fortunately, the mobile bar truck trend is becoming more and more popular, making it easy to offer a high assortment of splendor to sip on at your next celebration. From glorified mocktails to draft beer and fancy craft cocktails, these five local mobile bar sets deliver tasty fun to events across Music City!

From classic libations to trendy specials (like these three of The Aero Bar), mobile bars bring beauty to drinks at Music City events! Picture: Kristen sheft

5 mobile bars in Nashville perfect for your next event

The Aero Bar

In business since 2017, The Aero Bar is known to bring an elevated cocktail experience to weddings and other local events. “We offer mobile bartending and coffee (plus espresso) services, as well as bar rentals,” says owner Brian Fuente. “We have two mobile bars and a range of bar carts to choose from. “

Plus, the Aero Bar lends itself to both small gatherings and crowds. “With over 85 bartenders and baristas on staff, we can accommodate events as small as five up to over 5,000,” says Brian. “We’ll also be launching our first brick and mortar in early 2022.” The full menu is a wonderful selection of everything from classic vodka gimlets to the Mezcal Mule (with beautifully charred grapefruit) and the fun Banana Stand, which features Kentucky bourbon, banana liqueur and a dehydrated banana crisps to top it off. Cheers!

The Aero Bar truck and the mobile bar.

Perfect for any event, The Aero Bar is elegant and sophisticated. Picture: Mackenzie maroney

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Tap Truck Nashville

In business since March 2020, Tap Truck Nashville travels through Music City in a classic 1960 Ford F-100 and 1966 VW bus (pictured below), offering festive mobile drink service for everything from corporate events and weddings to birthdays and baby showers. And while it’s best known for its draft beer, the Tap Truck is more versatile than you might think. “Since our trucks have taps on them, I think we are best known as a beer truck ”, says Sean Bowser, who owns the business with his wife, Kay. “And while we love a good craft beer flowing through the taps, we can also pour wine, freshly squeezed cocktails (like our watermelon margarita with basil or our honey peach tea) and non-alcoholic drinks too! ”

The Tap Truck set up for an event in a rock quarry

Tap Truck Nashville delivers drinks in style… the old fashioned way. Image: Sean Bowser

Magnolia Bar

A full service beverage caterer, Magnolia Bar offers cocktails, mocktails, caffeine, bar rentals and more. Focusing on a high-end customer experience, owner Sarah Murphy and her husband, John, have been in business since 2016. “Magnolia Bar was born after too many networking events with a lackluster bar,” Sarah admits. “My husband and I come from the fine dining side of the food and beverage industry, so it was just unacceptable to have a bar without basic toppings, or with tequila but no lime juice. It got to a point where my husband finally told me to stop complaining or do something. So I did it!

Guiding their clients every step of the way, Sarah and John carefully organize and tailor a menu for each event, offering clients an introductory cocktail menu if they’re looking for a little inspiration, then building from there. “Our Blackberry Sage Kentucky Mule and our Blood Orange Bourbon Sour Musk Rose are particularly popular,” says Sarah. “The same goes for our Garden of Grace, which is a lavender, rose and vodka lemonade. If you can’t tell, we take the floral theme of our name across our entire menu!

A private dining experience including the Bar Magnolia mobile bar.

From intimate dinners to major events, Magnolia Bar brings premium drinks to the table. Picture: Daniel Christophe

Piccole Bollé

With a fleet of vehicles imported from Europe, Piccole Bollé travels through Nashville on charming wheels that are meticulously transformed into mobile bars. “We started this business in 2017,” says co-owner David Harvick. “We officially opened our doors in 2019, crouched through COVID and kicked off again this year serving beer, wine and bubbles at events every week.” Mobile bars are all about draft, from coffee and craft beer to signature cocktails and nostalgic family lemonade recipes. Our most popular drinks that our customers choose to serve are beer, wine, prosecco, cold brew coffee and cocktails, ”David tells us,“ but we also like to serve margaritas, cold pressed juices, teas and non-alcoholic cocktails!
The Piccole Bolle truck put into service

Picolle Bollé merges wonderful European vehicles with delicious libations. Picture: Stacie Huckeba

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Happy campers

A vintage truck turned mobile bar that has been serving drinks since 2018, The Bubble Bar by Happy campers has six taps for hot and cold drinks as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic libations. “Customers can choose from our tiered packages from two taps to six taps with custom mixology for signature cocktails,” says wwner Caity DeGroot. “Probably our most popular spring and summer cocktails are our Spicy Smoked Pineapple Margarita and our Strawberry Sage Sparkler. And for fall and winter cocktails, our Happy Camper Cosmo is by far our most popular. We also just released our Harvest Margarita, and that was very popular as well.

The white Happy Campers pick-up with a movable bar.

Sip everything from champagne to specialty margaritas with Happy campers. Picture: Amanda Trout

May your next celebration be filled with fun, festive, locally made cocktails!


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