16 Delicious Pancake Spots in Lebanon to Satisfy Your Sweet Craving


The iconic French crêpe is as popular in Lebanon as it is in its country of origin and in countries influenced by French culture. It is also becoming a favorite of many around the world with a few recipe variations.

The secret to its popularity could very well be its simple nutritious ingredients (egg, milk, a little flour and fruit) which make it light to eat while sweetening its craving with the filling of chocolate, or cream and honey.

Savory pancakes are even healthier with a variety of vegetable toppings, especially when the flour is replaced with whole wheat flour.

In Lebanon, the craze is more for sweet pancakes, and what Lebanese doesn’t like to sweeten their teeth too much?

Whether you’re craving a sweet crepe for breakfast or just for fun throughout the day, check out these places serving mouth-watering crepes in Lebanon.

#1 Sip n slice – Tabarja

Sip n slice is one of the most popular places serving pancakes, as well as waffles and fresh cocktail juices.

#2 Mahiki – Beirut

This place in Beirut is best known for its delicious sweet drinks, juices, desserts and sweet pancakes.

#3 Melt n dip – Beirut

Melt n dip in Beirut is most popular for its Chocolate Desserts, Fettuccine Pancakes, Chocolate Waffles, Pancakes, Brownies, and Ice Cream.

#4 Coffee trail – Jounieh

Coffee Trail in Jounieh offers the most delicious coffee and pancake confections that will make your mouth water!

#5 Sugar Mad – Zgharta

If you are having a pancake-rush with your friends, all you have to do is go to Sugar Mad in Zgharta, Ehden to taste their tasty pancakes.

#6 HollyShakes – Bekfaya

Holly shakes have become one of the most popular desserts in Lebanon, offering desserts like milkshakes, waffles, candies and many types of desserts including its mouth-watering pancakes.

#7 Eddy’s Street Food

Eddy’s Street food is famous for its tasty street food and delicious sweet pancakes with chocolate, fruits and other delicious dishes.

#8 Pancake Ô boat

If you have been wanting to eat succulent and delicious pancakes, you can try the rolled pancakes from Crêpe Ô Bateau.

#9 Choco Crepe – Jeb Janine and Ferzul

Choco Crêpe is the place to go to quell the sugar craving and enjoy sweet and mouth-watering crepes filled with fruit, Belgian chocolate and topped with white chocolate.

#10 Crepetna – Kfour

You can have deliciously decorated pancakes, a cup of coffee or a fresh fruit cocktail with your friends and relax in the amazing and relaxing atmosphere of Crepetna.

#11 A La Carte Pancakes

Sushi pancakes are becoming more and more popular. If you wanted to try it, you can order the most enjoyable sushi pancakes from Crêpes A La Carte.

#12 Pancake Station – Mrayjeh, Haret Hreik and Almalla

Crêpes Station is the perfect Nutella-filled place to try mouth-watering waffles and enjoyable crepes with your friends.

#13 Gelato Show – various locations

Located in Antelias, Hrajel, Jounieh, Rayfoun, Zahlé and Rabieh. This place offers cakes, delicious ice creams, pizzas, desserts and surely pancakes!

So be sure to check out the Gelato show for an amazing and smooth experience.

#14 Dip n Dip – Various locations

Dip n Dip is also a well-known pancake restaurant across Lebanon. The most popular pancake dishes like fettuccini pancakes are topped with a mouth-watering chocolate sauce along with other sweet stuff.

#15 Tonino Pancakes & Waffles – Various Locations

Tonino Crêpes & Waffles is one of the most famous in Lebanon and has several locations and many fans across the country.

#16 Poffertjes – Saida

Poffertjes offers Dutch-inspired desserts like the famous mini pancakes topped with chocolate sauce and fresh fruit.


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