Where to find Boozy hot chocolate in Hoboken + Jersey City


With the chills of winter setting in, there’s nothing to warm a soul like sipping on a hot booze, and what better combination than hot chocolate + booze. Whatever your choice of spirits, you absolutely must indulge yourself with this hot drink (or dessert) with fortified cocoa. We’ve put together a list of places to have a boozy hot chocolate in Hoboken and Jersey City.


Carpe Diem | 1405 Grand Street

True to its title of making the most of the present moment, this place in Hoboken never disappoints. Nestled at the north end of Hoboken, the restaurant has retained its authentic charm with an evolving menu. Speaking of chocolate, the warmth of hot chocolate paired with the right amount of alcohol is sure to give you all the festive vibes this season.

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Sorellina | 1036 Washington Street


If you are wondering where to find a beautifully decorated and decorated restaurant in Hoboken, look no further than Sorellina. Located at the corner of the 11e and Washington, right in front of Hoboken’s huge Christmas tree, Sorellina – really graces the rooms with the decor. The spiked hot chocolate has the perfect touch of rum and cocoa that is sure to leave you feeling blissful.

Union Hall | 306 Sinatra Drive

Union hall

(Photo credit: @unionhallhoboken)

Breathtaking views of the New York City skyline, delicious little plates to dive into, and party cocktails are just a few of the many reasons to rush to Union Hall. A perfect accompaniment to the cold winter is the new line of hot drinks such as fortified cider and alcoholic hot chocolate. The hot chocolate contains a generous amount of Monkey Shoulder whiskey and rich hot chocolate that will leave you warm and cozy while taking in the beautiful view of the horizon.

Jersey city

Cellar 335 | 335 Newark Ave

Cellar 335

(Photo credit: @ cave335)

Trust the Cellar 335 to take the tiki experience to a whole new level with its island interiors, Instagram-worthy cocktails and Asian fusion menu. Be sure to make a reservation before visiting as it can get very crowded. Cellar 335 has an expansive menu of tiki and holiday-inspired drinks and the Frozen Hot Choco is a staple this time of year.

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Kitchen step | 500 Jersey Avenue

Kitchen step

(Photo credit: @cuisinestepjc)

Kitchen Step is a modern American bistro located in downtown Jersey City. While the dining room inside is absolutely stunning, the team understand that there is no better way to enjoy a beautiful winter’s night than to be in a greenhouse adorned with garlands. bright. The equivalent of spiked hot chocolate here is a winter cocktail called “La Rousse de la Ski Resort” and it’s a combination of misunderstood whiskey, hot chocolate, and whipped cream topped with pretzels. There is also the “cold chocolate” which contains white whiskey, white cocoa cream and dark chocolate bitters.

Miracle on Mercer | 292 Barrow Street

If you’re ready to embark on a Christmas movie adventure, then it’s time to head to Miracle on Mercer. This pop-up vacation bar at Franklin Social is back for another year and everything about cocktails is taken seriously, from the glassware served there to the names of the drinks. The Christmas Carol Barrel is a creation made with tequila, coffee liqueur, spicy chocolate and aromatic bitters and served in a mini barrel mug that is also available for purchase.


Written by: Victoria Marie Moyeno

Victoria is Associate Editor-in-Chief of HG and Social Media Coordinator for the Hoboken Historical Museum + Fire Department Museum. She is also a member of the board of directors of the LUPE Fund – a non-profit organization of Latinas for Latinas. Victoria is from Fourth Generation Hoboken, BNR in Mile Square and Jersey City. By playing softball in town for fourteen years, playing the trumpet for the Hoboken High School Redwings Band, and graduating from New Jersey City University, these two towns hold a special place in her heart. When not a stylist or a Symposia bookstore volunteer, she explores all that the concrete jungle has to offer. You can see it at art shows, try new restaurants, travel, dive into a new book, save money, or engage in some form of arts and crafts.


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