Two WNY towns move from Halloween to tonight


It’s not every year that Halloween falls on a Sunday, which means October 30 (traditionally known as “Beggar’s Night”) falls on a Saturday. While Beggar’s Night has seen trick-or-treaters in recent years, it is not a night where mass trick-or-treating takes place. But, that will be the case with two cities in western New York.

The town of Evans and the village of Angola have officially moved the trick-or-treat from October 31 (Halloween) until tonight, by WKBW.

The reason for this decision was the fact that there was a Bills game on Sunday.

“It made sense for the Bills game to take place on Sunday, it’s more of a public safety issue,” Angola Mayor Thomas Whelan said.

The village of Orchard Park has decided to put off the trick-or-treat by one hour, also because of the circulation of Bills that will take place.

Back when I was a kid, Halloween was pretty crazy – we’re talking about the ’90s, at least in the neighborhood where I grew up. I’m not kidding when I say there were literally hundreds of kids, sometimes going until 8-9 p.m.

The neighborhood I now live in in South Buffalo sees trick-or-treaters, but not crazy numbers of kids. The same could be said for the district of Hamburg in which I lived for a few years.

For the very longest time, it seems like we’ve had a push to move the trick-or-treat to the last Saturday in October, and while that does make sense, Saturday night traffic can also be busier than a night out. week, when many people stay at home after getting back from work.

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