The new Italian restaurant Amarillo is expected to open this week


When a restaurant closes here in Amarillo, it seems like another opens. Which is really great news. I like having all of these options. We can go to a different restaurant every day for several months. What is wrong with that?

A new venue is hoping to open this week. They gave it a try over the weekend by strictly serving their take out menu. They have also recently hired a lot. They are therefore close. The name is Valore Italian Restaurant and Grill – 900 S Tyler. He moved to the old location of Poblano.

I grew up in a small Italian neighborhood in Chicago so it takes me back to my childhood. I love Italian food and the more in Amarillo, the more the merrier. So I’m very excited to try and see how this place compares to my childhood memories.

I’m still looking for that Amarillo place that serves homemade bread in sauce (either dipped in beef sauce or my favorite the marinara), but I digress.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, VDMD

Of course, everyone needs and wants to know about Valore’s menu. I mean this is the most important information once we know when they open. I checked it out and they will be offering lunch specials. Oh and they’ll also have drink specials during Happy Hour.

You can order a whole pizza or just a slice. It seems like you have a lot of options, so make sure you’re hungry.

credit: Valore Italian Restaurant and Grill

They will also offer pasta with seafood. I can’t wait to try their Cannoli. These take me back to my youth.

credit: Valore Italian Restaurant and Grill

They have a lot of great food and those lunch specials too.

credit: Valore Italian Restaurant and Grill

You can’t go wrong with the pasta.

credit: Valore Italian Restaurant and Grill

From the Valore Facebook page:

Good afternoon friends and families as the opening day approaches, we are filled with joy to be able to open our doors to our Amarillo people !! The wait has been long and hectic. We appreciate those who patiently waited and supported us, it means a lot. We just have a few small details to work out and we are preparing and training our staff so that you all get the amazing service you all deserve !!

A new place in Amarillo. Are you ready?

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