The best watered Advent calendars of 2021


It’s the season to eat, drink and have fun! No need to dig up old wooden decorations to count until Christmas – it’s time to drink your way through the holidays. Unique Advent calendars have grown in popularity in recent years, ranging from chocolate treats to Disney socks, but every adult knows what we really need for this season. After a day of shopping, decorating, baking cookies, and any other enjoyable yet stressful vacation activity, you deserve to unwind with a surprise specialty cocktail. We’ve found some of the best wine, beer, and alcohol Advent calendars available to order online right now.

Premium Wine Advent Calendar | Tasteful

The In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar is the beautifully organized box that inspired us to write this article! From tasteful packaging in true countdown style to excellent wine selection, this box is guaranteed to become your next holiday tradition.

This calendar contains 24-187ml of premium mini wine bottles from 4 of their most popular collections including the California Wine Mixer, Wild Child Collection, Passport and Cascade. However, we recommend that you don’t take a peek at the inclusions until you’re ready to settle in and enjoy each day.

The Wine Countdown is available for pre-order now and ships just in time for the season to kick off on November 28!

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Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2021 |  BrewDog

Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2021 | BrewDog

BrewDog is compiling one of the most popular craft beer countdowns for the holidays. In fact, last year’s box sold out before November! It’s the perfect gift for your favorite beer lover, or just to toast yourself to the craziness of the season.

This year, their Advent Calendar features 24 hand-selected beers, from IPAs to rich and flavorful stouts, perfect for sipping around the Christmas tree. They’ve posted the full list of included beers here, but what’s the fun of a calendar if you’re not surprised every day?

Pre-order is available now for mid-November delivery, so don’t wait!

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Whiskey Advent Calendar |  Flaviar

Whiskey Advent Calendar | Flaviar

Flaviar brings us perhaps the most over-the-top Advent calendar on our list, a full countdown with luscious premium whiskeys. This year’s “Interstellar” collection promises to be amazing!

The Whiskey Calendar includes 24 samples from different award-winning brands, a Glencairn glass for the perfect tasting, a Flaviar coaster and a tasting note booklet to educate you on each selection. What better way to block out the holiday noise every night than to settle in with a deep malt beverage on ice?

The Interstellar Whiskey Advent Calendar is available for pre-order now, and as a bonus, buyers will receive a free Whiskey Club membership ($ 32 value) with purchase.

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Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar |  Give them beer

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar | Give them beer

The big selts have to be the winner of the fastest rise to stardom in 2021. It is only fitting to give them their chance to spend the holidays!

GiveThemBeer has put together their 12 best selling seltzes to create this fun and unique “12 Days of Christmas” and it has to be nicer than the song. After a day spent decorating or baking cookies, look forward to opening the next door for your can of crispy relaxation.

The Seltzer Hard Christmas Countdown is available for pre-order now for delivery in November. Don’t wait any longer, this box promises to sell out quickly!

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Sheelin Calendar 12 Days of Irish Cream |  Total Wine & More

Sheelin Calendar 12 Days of Irish Cream | Total Wine & More

Whether you are Irish or not, everyone agrees that Irish cream liqueur and the holidays go hand in hand like Santa Claus and his elves. Whether you enjoy your coffee or prefer to enjoy it solo on the rocks, Irish Cream is a sumptuous treat that warms the soul.

Sheelin has put together 12 of their most popular flavored creams to help you celebrate or survive the Christmas season. The flavors are rich Chocolate cherry, tropical Colada, delicious crème brûlée, fruity lime and many more.

This Irish Cream Advent Calendar is available to order online * or pick it up right now!

* Shipping is not available for some states.

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12 nights of wine |  Vineyard

12 nights of wine | Vineyard

Watch out, this wine box sells out early every year, so be sure to order early! The packaging, along with the fact that this year is all about celebrating women, makes this our favorite countdown to give to your dearest girlfriends this year.

Vinebox carefully selects the best wines from Europe to organize this countdown, carefully selected by women experts in the wine industry. Each box contains 6 full-bodied reds, 4 crunchy wines and 2 dry, but satisfying, roses. The wines are each presented in a unique and elegant flute with a perfect pour of 100 ml.

The “12 Nights Of Wine” box set is available for pre-order now and will ship in early December to take you home for the holidays.

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Jerky Advent Calendar |  Give them beer

Jerky Advent Calendar | Give them beer

So maybe you are not a drinker or maybe you are just looking for an evening snack to complement your evening drink. The Jerky Advent Calendar is a perfect match.

The “12 Days Of Jerky” are a tasty way to celebrate the season, created with the best producers in the industry. The markings behind each door include Righteous Felon, Side Project, People’s Choice, Fusion, as well as other favorites ranging from spicy sriracha to garlic-ginger. The box contains almost 2 pounds of tasty meat and it’s the season to treat yourself!

This limited supply schedule is available for pre-order now.

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