Takeout for an epic New Years Eve at home


From fancy cheesesteaks to truffle-themed menus, there’s a take-out option for every style this New Years Eve.

Oyster House Lobster Roll Kits | photo courtesy of Michael Persico

No one needs to convince that staying home on New Years Eve is a good choice: avoiding insane blanket charges, skyrocketing Uber prices, and hordes of drunken people is an attractive option. But just because you are staying at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be eating well. Celebrate the New Year from the comfort of your own home with luxurious take-out options from across town and skip the commute home. Don’t forget the champagne.

Taqueria Mission, Downtown
Mission Taqueria is really good at take-out: everything is individually wrapped for easy transport and clearly labeled for easy assembly (including their nachos, which are the best take-out version we’ve found). They also make bottled margaritas, so it’s basically a ready-to-serve party.

Kalaya, Italian Marlet
There is no doubt that Kalaya is a place for special occasions. The food is truly one of a kind: if you have friends in town (who love spicy food), a generous take-out order from Kalaya and a few good bottles of wine is a great way to spend your New Years Eve.

General Tsao’s House, Downtown
General Tsao’s has it all: General Tsao’s signature chicken, for people who really want the Americanized Chinese experience, as well as more classic dishes like lamb with cumin and scallion pancakes that serve as snacks – even if the drinks are made at home.

Stillworks of Manatawny, Passyunk East
Even if you don’t want to go out, you probably don’t want to spend the whole night making cocktails. Take a few quarts of Manatawny’s pre-made cocktails: they’ll make an old-fashioned classic, a pomegranate spin, hot apple cider with honey whiskey, and hot oat milk chocolate with rum.

Crunchik’n, Downtown
Here’s how to do it: Throw a house party and don’t worry about the food. Then, around 10 p.m., order a few popcorn chicken rings for delivery. No matter what else you do, the party will be a success.

Oyster house, Downtown
For a lobster dinner for a crowd – without breaking the bank – order a lobster roll kit from Oyster House. Each comes with six buns, pre-picked Maine lobster meat, dressing and clarified butter. Call to order.

Forsythia, Old City
For $ 150 per person, Christopher Kearse will send you home with an absolutely insane black truffle-themed spread: Truffle and Lobster Bisque, Truffle Polenta Tortelloni, Savoy Cabbage Braised Chop and Truffle Bordelaise black, rum baba, fresh bread and a wine and food pairing offered. Order here.

Woodrow sandwich shop, Society hill
If you’re looking for a suitable cheesesteak for New Years Eve, Woodrow’s is the one for you: it’s stacked with rib eye shavings, truffle cheese, cherry mayonnaise and caramelized onions, so it’s a bit special, but still heartwarming. Goes well with champagne.

Zig Zag barbecue, Kensington
Barbecue is a great food before or after consumption, especially when it comes to the delicious Zig Zag meats paired with their tripe stinging sides. Place a huge take out order and serve it overnight.


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