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The January 5 article “SC’s role in the January 6 Capitol riot becomes clearer 1 year later” could have been simplified to that: Betrayal: Ralph Norman, Jeff Duncan, Tom Rice, Joe Wilson, Nancy Mace, Dustin Stockton, Adam Piper, Maggie Mulvaney, Caroline Wren, Julie Jenkins, Mark Burns, Derek Gunby, George Tenney III, Nicholas Languerand, Tim Scott. Hypocrisy: Lindsay Graham, Nikki Haley.

Isn’t it a little ironic that America’s Heroes TV network features shows like Mafia’s Greatest Hits, Cocaine King, and Nazi Death Squads? If these are our “heroes”, May Heaven save us from the wicked!

Well, the earthquakes lately in Elgin. They have a crack problem, but it’s not their fault.

How much does a pirate pay to have your ears pierced?

Jimmy Dean passed away over 20 years ago. Why is he still trying to get us to sell meat for breakfast?

Are you on drugs? Everything you wrote in your Rant & Rave article is wrong. The economy is booming, what? Inflation cripples families, gasoline costs $ 1.50 more per gallon since Joe and Kamala took office! The cost of everyday items like groceries has increased by over 25%! Wages are on the rise, you’re kidding me. And you know more people died from CoVid in 2021 with Biden as president, than in 2020 when Trump was president! Wasn’t that one of Joe’s talking points during his campaign to eliminate CoVid, what a joke!

Chinese proverb. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” You barely missed Arbor Day. Plant your new friend now. Watch it grow. We thank you all.

When settlers first arrived in the lower foothills of SC, the canebrakes along our rivers and streams were home to abundant bison, elk, bears, wolves and panthers. There were old growth forests (eg Fairforest) and Indian burnt oak savannas to maintain forage. The settlers hit this like a plague of locusts. They slaughtered the wildlife. Their cattle trampled on the canebrakes. Their dams blocked the spawning grounds for fish. Then the extreme erosion of the cotton plantations tore up the topsoil, clogging the once clear streams red with sediment. They left the land barren and eroded, with ravines 70 feet deep. Well, Walter Edgar?

Why would anyone want Kamala Harris will be vice-president? Even her own staff is moving away from her.

dah – Serfdewd sez – life / fate gave me the opportunity, if not the privilege, to know the late John William Riser, an accomplished man, a man of science and a former member of the State Assembly . The servdewd is known for his liberal leanings on certain issues, but through the conversation my respect for the man grew after each time we met. And while diametrically opposed on some issues, I was comfortable knowing that any decision he made would be reasonable, which reassures me. The world needs more Bill Risers.

So here I am, typing this just after midnight, January 6, 2022, ANOTHER’s birthday ‘Day that will live in Infamy … ‘, the attack on the Capitol by insurgent rioters (and I can easily think of other words for them!). Personally, I think this is more heinous than on December 7, 1941 and the burning of the same building by British soldiers in 1814, because THESE attacks were carried out by FOREIGN enemies of our country, while the most recent was carried out, and supported and praised by the DOMESTIC enemies of our country!

On January 17th, send a few dollars to one of the animal rescue groups in honor of Betty White’s 100th birthday.

People who are willing to lie about Betty White’s cause of death so they can move their anti-vaxx agenda forward are horrible people.

In the King James version of the Bible, the tax collectors hated Jesus because he represented the truth. Republicans these days hate Biden because he represents the truth.

Hey, you know if you watch some of these crime shows, like – Oh my god I’ve been up all night though – with his ID * break * if you watch ABC at nine o’clock, but the point is Reverend Greg was a wonderful Sunday school teacher.

You know, I hope you hear me okay, but it’s a rave rave for good leaders. LEADERS.

Please do us all a favor. I just read David Clarey’s article. Please send him back to high school after reading the nice article he wrote on 929 Kitchen and Bar, he forgot a very important thing here – where is it? You can’t support a local business unless you have the address. See if you can relearn him to write an article the right way. It always includes who, what, when, where, how and why.

They call themselves the period of the patriots. Others call it the period of the traitors.

I thought loud mufflers were against the law in South Carolina. Otherwise, they are very disturbing and often dangerous. Thank you

My friend works for an elevator company. This work has highs and lows.

As one of the taste buds, I went to the San Jose Mexican restaurant. I said do you have something other than Mexican food?

My grandchildren bought me an iPhone for Christmas. They didn’t like it I had a flip phone.

Given the insurgency’s lame excuses, I guess if I threatened to bring down South Carolina’s rotten political elite, and got caught making threats, I might just say I was invite them to dinner.


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