Portsmouth, NH city center, Staple closes


Unfortunately these times of pandemic have desensitized us a little. When we hear that a restaurant is closing we say “AW MAN! NOT ANOTHER!” But when it’s a restaurant you’ve grown to love and where you’ve had so many great memories, it hurts!

I always loved Rudi’s even before I moved to Portsmouth! The food is excellent, the atmosphere is lovely! The description on their website is 100% accurate:

“Rudi’s has a charismatic atmosphere offering an eclectic mix of downtown charm and chic chic.”

Rudi’s took advantage of his Facebook to announce that after 15 years of activity, they were closing their doors:

This news has hit the community of Portsmouth hard. Rudi’s is the best!

Rudi’s was the first place I took my parents to dinner when I moved to Portsmouth.

It was at Rudi’s that I would ask Steven to meet me for a Dirty Martini after a particularly bad (or good) day.

Liz makes the best martini! Here it is behind the bar:

Their charcuterie boards were my favorite! I will miss them 🙁

Jenna Malloy via Facebook

I will also miss meeting some friends at Rudi to enjoy their creative outdoor seating that they created after the pandemic! It was really the best view of the market square:

While this news is simply heartbreaking, we wish the entire Rudi team the best of luck with their next chapter. Thank you for all these years of smiles, service, exceptional cuisine and for being an integral part of our community!

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