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Donegal-based Muff Liquor Company is once again feeling festive with the return of its Christmas gift sets.

Perfect for gifts or corporate gifts, the boxes contain everything you need to enjoy a quality drink at home this Christmas.

The limited edition festive cocktail creation, Christmas Candy, is now available and available in November and December. Order online now here.

The Muff Liquor Company was co-founded by Laura Bonner of Greencastle, who was inspired by her grandfather Philip McClenaghan, a potato farmer who made Poitín.

Muff Irish Potato Gin entered the scene in 2018, followed by Muff Irish Potato Vodka and Muff Irish Whiskey. Since then, spirits have won awards around the world.

Muff cocktail boxes quickly became a hit during the pandemic, as they allowed people to make cocktails from the comfort of their homes. They have become a great gift idea for any celebration.

For the end of the year celebrations, Muff Liquor launched a Christmas Candy Cocktail Box and the 70cl Christmas gift box. These can be purchased directly from the online store at All Muff products are made and bottled in Ireland.

Reward your team this Christmas? Muff Liquor offers discounts on its entire range of cocktail boxes and 70cl bottles for corporate orders. Email [email protected] now to place your order now.

You do not know what to choose ? Here is your guide to the Christmas 2021 collection:

Make it a night out with Muff Cocktails: Muff Cocktail boxes contain ingredients and instructions for making 4 Muff cocktails in the comfort of your own home. They are prepared with fresh fruit and have a shelf life of 10 days. Our cocktail boxes are the perfect gift idea and can be personalized to include a message. The new Christmas Candy Cocktail Muff Box, it is dark red, refreshing and fruity accompanied by the magic of a bright candy edge. This box would contain the ingredients: Muff Gin, Monin Blackcurrant Liqueur, Fresh Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Cranberry Juice, and Bright Candy Edge. Order online now here.

Christmas candy cocktail box

Muff Irish Potato Gin: Muff Gin is made from 4 different types of Irish potatoes and a unique combination of herbs including tangerine, lemon, rosemary and elderflower. Champagne extract is added before bottling, finishing this unique gin with a smooth and refreshing taste. Our premium gin is awarded by global gin experts and is gluten free and vegan. Order online now here.

Christmas Gin Box 70cl

Irish Muff Potato Vodka: Our Muff Vodka is made from the finest Irish potatoes which are distilled 6 times to create a crunchy, creamy and earthy alcohol in taste with a hint of vanilla. Inspired by traditional Irish potato-based spirits recipes and processes. Our premium vodka is award winning and is gluten free and vegan. Order online now here.

Christmas box Vodka 70cl

Irish Whiskey Muff: Our Muff Whiskey is a premium 5-part blend of Irish malt and grain whiskeys, each component being blended to give a particular virtue. A unique and pleasant whiskey combining light, sweet and slightly floral notes with a smoky flavor and a long finish. Order online now here.

Christmas Whiskey Box 70cl

Buy the Muff Liquor Co. online at

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