How not to make the bartender your enemy on your birthday

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A birthday can be like a mini-vacation, let’s call it You Day, and on You Day, it’s understandable to want all the attention and perks that come with being the person being celebrated. However, while all the attention is on you, when you go out to a bar to celebrate your birthday with friends, how well you get along with the bartender can be the difference between a happy and memorable night and be home in bed at 9 p.m.

Landing your party in the good graces of the bartender should be the top priority when you enter this bar on your birthday. These people know that you are just trying to celebrate another year of life and they are here to help you have a great time, so follow these tips and your party will have the best bar birthday ever.

Know your order

Bartenders agree that the most annoying group of customers are celebrants who ask for “something special” while having no idea what they actually want to drink.

“It’s a bit like the joke of a common bartender… it’s people who arrive saying it’s their birthday and who don’t really know what they want,” explains Rémy Walle, head bartender at RPM Seafood in Chicago.

Paul Kim, a bartender since 2008 who currently works as a brand ambassador for Woodford Reserve Distillery, adds that when he encountered one of these vague requests, he usually looked for any sweet and fruity alcohol available that the bar was trying to get rid of. . He says most other bartenders would just whip up a homemade cocktail and pour it into a shot glass. “I feel like it would always be like ‘ooh it’s my birthday or it’s my friend’s birthday, can we have some fun pics or party pics? “…they’re never specific about it,” Kim says.

Knowing your order can only benefit you. Walle explains that bartenders are more than happy to offer special service or something bar-exclusive when you’re able to specify what the birthday person likes to drink.

Be patient and when you understand your order, it’s much better for the bartender if you place your order all together rather than each person coming to the bar individually. “And when [the server or bartender] comes back to ask if anyone wants another round, people have to order even if they have a little left, so the waiter/bartender doesn’t go back and forth every time,” advises Jose Martinez, a bartender with six years of experience. experience.

It’s okay to be basic

If you really have no idea what you want to drink, but want to take “fun” shots and get off smooth, there’s no shame in ordering a buttery nipple, a blowjob, or any other sweet sip available.

“I think these are clichés from the 90ss that people think are just fun to order,” says Walle. Sometimes the name of the drink, its presentation, and the way you drink it (no hands) is more fun than the actual drinking, and that’s totally fine.

“My favorite has always been lemon shots. It’s basically like vodka lemonade in a shot, but it’s a little stronger,” says Martinez. “It’s pretty standard because it’s easy to drink, it’s good, it’s sweet, and you can put sugar on the rim to make it beautiful and pretty. The simplicity and enjoyable nature of the Lemon Shot is also why Walle considers it a go-to if a client wants a “fun” shot.

Martinez and Walle also called Suicide bomber shots (vodka, lime juice, and orange liqueur) and Vgas bombs (Crown Royal Whiskey, Schnapps, and an energy drink) as common celebratory orders.

Whether you’re looking for streak shots or party cocktails, the one order Martinez says to avoid on your birthday is all mixed up. If you happen to notice that the bar has a slushie machine, then you might be fine. But he cautions: “No bartender has ever waited impatiently to make a drink and mix it up.”

Don’t ask for free drinks on your birthday

Finally, if you have to walk away from this article with a little wisdom, it is the following 😀Asking for free shit on your birthday is not cool.

“The most annoying thing is asking for free shit,” Kim says. “Nine times out of 10, I’m not going to give it to you. But, if you’re bringing good vibes and I notice it’s your birthday, chances are I’ll give it to you.

Walle plans to throw the fact that it’s your birthday immediately after the bartender greets you with the “stickiest thing.” I can’t say I blame him or any bartender for feeling that way. Would you like people to start looking for gifts after meeting you? The whole “it’s my birthday” routine can get old pretty quickly.

“People probably shouldn’t come in expecting to get free drinks on their birthday…I think good etiquette is for all your friends to know it’s your birthday and not let you pay for a drink,” notes Martinez.

Best advice: play it cool. Let the free drinks come to you. And as always, don’t be a fool and don’t forget to tip well (and often). Happy Birthday!


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