Flint’s businesses brace for game day demand


BURTON, Mich. (WJRT) – Restaurants are already seeing pre-COVID numbers, mix that up with an important football game and businesses are doing all they can to meet the demand while not having enough hands to help.

Sharkey’s Sports Bar is working around the clock to make sure fans are served to the fullest during the big game.

“Certainly for every college football game we have a lot of people coming in,” said Sharky’s waitress Caroline Lostutter. “For the U of M and MSU to go head-to-head this weekend, it’s going to be great.

Although the influx of customers is large, like many businesses, they continue to struggle with under-staffed and overdue supplies.

“We’ve been off our Southwestern Spring Rolls for a long time now,” Lostutter said. “Other than that, we ran out of many different alcohols needed to make fun fruity drinks for everyone.”

Which means on busy nights for Sharkey’s, everyone is on deck.

“If someone else is busy making drinks and someone sits in another person’s section, we have no problem getting it started so that when the girl that’s supposed to take in charge this table is ready, she can do it “, she added. .

Fans say they are grateful to be back to cheer on their team along with the others. Julie Eggert, who will cheer on Michigan State this weekend, says that even in a divided house, the energy of community is more than rivalry.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re blue and yellow, if you’re green or white, I think we can finally all come together and that’s what it is about,” Eggert said.

Whether you are part of the Michigan or Michigan State team, Sharky employees are ready to be empowered.

“I saw the same faces come in and out, which is just wonderful to see people supporting us. It’s great to know that the energy is coming back to the bar and we’re going to get back to where we started, ”said Lostutter.

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