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The Lamphere starts off sweet, then mellows with notes of honey and allspice.

FH Beerworks hosted a variety of special events in their annex building since it opened in 2018, but COVID-19 lockdowns ended it – and rentals have not resumed after, according to co-owner Travis Fields.

Rather than paying taxes on an empty building, he and his wife / co-owner Niki decided to start something on their own. After two months of renovations, Neat Whiskey House opened in mid-November 2021 before it officially opened on December 3. Neat offers over a hundred whiskeys, cocktails and a menu of exclusives from the 1231 Craft Kitchen in-house food truck.

“We had ideas to do something like this, but we didn’t expect to be the ones to do it,” says Fields. “We expected to add tenants.

The license allows guests to order full menus from Neat, FH Beerworks, and 1231 Craft Kitchen anywhere on the property, which is pretty cool, but we like the vibe of Neat. The dark, cleanly decorated room has a vintage feel thanks to custom shelving with a library-style ladder – some of these whiskeys are quite tall – and Art Deco typography. Bonus: the toilets are gender neutral, which is always nice.

The cocktail menu, which includes classics and a few signature drinks, was designed by Drew Owens-Rice, whom Fields calls “essentially, our head of the whiskey house.” Locals can recognize Owens-Rice from his time in the Principal’s office, and he’s responsible for ordering some of Neat’s rarer bottles, such as Blanton’s Bourbon, Elijah Craig’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon, and Finished Bourbon. in toasted barrel of Michter. We miss these three on our visit, but enjoy a careful sip of pure Michter’s rye, which has a warm, boozy nose that fades into an ultra-sweet sip offering hints of caramel and sugar. balanced rye spices. It is accessible but complex.

Back on the cocktails, the Lamphere begins with Cutty Sark Scotch, lavender syrup, flower infused water and a 12 Year Old Aberfeldy single malt spritz. It starts off sweet, but then the drink opens with notes of honey, wood and flowers, ending with hints of allspice. Another signature drink, The Graduate, blends Old Overholt rye whiskey with Luxardo cherry liqueur, lime juice and falernum, a simple Caribbean syrup that includes lime and spices. Expect a tangy and fruity sip with hints of almonds reminiscent of cherry pits and just a whisper of rye spice – a chic cocktail to sip.

For the classics, it’s hard to complain about a well-executed Sazerac, here based on Old Overholt rye, and the spicy notes of rye dancing with aniseed absinthe. And those who’ve never had an old-fashioned Whiskey Sour frothed with egg white and garnished with aromatic bitters might do a lot worse than Neat’s interpretation, which ends up sweet, tangy and dry, benefiting from a hint of Old Overholt rye spice. (Yes, Old Overholt is Neat’s Rye).

In the 1231 Special Neat Menu, we’re going to eat potato, ordering 1231 potato peels and pub fries. The first comes three on a plate, full of Cheddar Jack, pico de gallo, jalapeño slices, candied bacon and sriracha mayo, with fried potato chunks served on the side with a pub mustard sauce. It’s a spicy, smoky bite that we enjoy, but it doesn’t match Neat’s high vibe. Neither do fries, garnished with candied bacon, cotija cheese and a house seasoning including rosemary; the extra $ 3 beer cheese at the top doesn’t rank things either. However, it tastes delicious after a few drinks and absorbs alcohol effectively. The rest of the Neat food menu is also too heavy for craft whiskey cocktails – a sausage and beer cheese po’boy and barbeque pork sliders would probably do for good whiskey drinks what a steamroller would do. made at Daffy Duck, although smoked trout crostini seem more promising and may deserve special attention.

That said, this concept has some room for growth and improvement, as in all fairness our review visit was a few weeks after the spot opened. But the cocktails we taste are sure to land like everything. And while heavy appetizers don’t quite fit Neat’s menu, they’re pretty darn tasty and would go well with FH beer. Conveniently, this is also served in this new space, which overall turns out to be pretty darn neat.


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