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This weekend, I checked out Gus’s Deli, which is located in CBS Building 58 at 813 S. 60th St. in West Allis. They have a wide selection of food to order including burritos, healthy salads, veggie burgers, enchiladas, kebabs, fries and salsa, and baked goods.


I had the chance to meet the owner, Gus Hosseini, and his wife Debbie. Gus mentioned that he used to operate Gus’ Mexican Cantina which had two locations in downtown Milwaukee and another location that opened in Hales Corners. Gus’ Mexican Cantina opened in the 1990s. He also owned another place called The Unicorn. The owner said he retired five years ago and moved down to North Carolina. They lost everything in the hurricane, so they came back to Milwaukee. He’s from Texas and served in the Navy and that’s how he ended up near Milwaukee, and he’s been here for forty-five years. Gus’s Restaurant and Deli opened in 2018.

When I entered the restaurant I was surprised because it was so big inside. They had tons of photos showing how Gus got started and a ton of history about all of his places.

Dining roomX

What I appreciated was that it really represented him and what he all did at one point and he brought that story to his restaurant.

There is a small bar that is rapped in one corner with high stools with TVs that you can watch old TV shows, movies, talk shows, baseball shows, football games and much more .


There are all sorts of new, modern tables that are spread throughout the open-plan deli and bar dining area. All floors inside Gus are polished cement floors which look super shiny.

dining room twoX

For my main, I got to try their homemade Mexican tortillas and huge burrito that’s probably the size of your head. Gus, said he made everything homemade.


These homemade tortilla chips had just the right amount of extra seasoning and had a nice snap when you bit into them. Those tomatoes inside the salsa had a milder flavor that was out of this world.

My ginormous burrito was topped with melted cheese and had pork inside the soft tortilla. When the owner, Gus, brought it out, I was saying the burrito is huge and I think I’m going to crush this burrito eating it, and I did just that.


This burrito was good and cheesy. When I took my first bite, the cheese was flowing like a waterfall, which I absolutely appreciate when eating a burrito. The tortilla had a very soft texture and the refried beans had a nice mild taste. That pork inside was very tender and it melted in my mouth when I ate my whole burrito. I have never seen such a huge burrito in my life. You can share this with a family member or friend if you wish.

I would highly recommend visiting Gus’s Deli in West Allis as the owners Gus and Debbie are extremely friendly to talk to, and will tell you about their deli and restaurant. Gus was super genuine and passionate about his food and quality. Gus and Debbie made sure we were taken care of and made comfortable in their restaurant.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this hidden West Allis gem. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you try this place.


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