Delirio is Viajero Hostel’s new trendy pool bar in South Beach


Miami is no stranger to the hip hostel or laid-back poolside bar that places like it bring with them. Think Freehand Miami and Broken Shaker and Generator Miami and Driftway. There was only one thing missing to complete the wave: a nice bar-hostel combo with a typical Latin atmosphere.

Enter viajero, a Latin American lifestyle brand and hostel chain with locations in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and, most recently, Miami. Located in the former Stiles Hotel, the colorful hostel has everything you’d expect from millennial-approved accommodation: tropical wallpaper, handcrafted furniture designed to look vintage, and Delirio, its funky ’90s-inspired bar. 70.

Photo: Courtesy Viajero Hostel

The indoor/outdoor watering hole looks plucked from another era, in the best way. There are multiple disco balls, fairy lights, a jukebox, and kaleidoscopic patterns — from geometric tiles to palm stools and floral chairs, they all go well together. It’s disco hell meets the tropics, and we’re into it.

Delirio’s drink menu features sweet drinks like the Crazy Pineapple with rum, grapefruit and pineapple juices, coconut cream and pineapple chunks. There’s also a spicy Sobe Caliente that combines tequila, lime, muddled jalapeños, agave, and tajin. The bar’s signature drink is El Viajero, a refreshing blend of Bacardi rum, passion fruit, fresh lime juice and rosemary syrup, with a garnish of dehydrated lime and rosemary leaves. Shareable punch bowls are also available, as the pool bar. There’s also a slew of sandwiches (burgers, fried chicken sandwich, veggie burger), salads and small plates to go with the cocktails.

Photography: Hostel Viajero

Delirio is a place where locals are encouraged to hang out with their guests, especially on Tuesdays, when tacos and margaritas are $5 apiece and happy hour beats the clock from 4-6 p.m. Kudos to more poolside bars in South Beach.


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