Common Garage Door Problems and How to Repair Them

Automatic garage doors are blessings when you are in a hurry and need the quickest possible way to run to the driveway and get off your car. However, like other electric devices, old garage door systems tend to accumulate dust and dirt. Some important parts will malfunction one day or another. But before you go calling your local garage door repair company and request them to provide some special services to restore the functionality of your garage door. Inspect your garage door to determine if you can do something for it on your own. Visit here to learn more about professional garage door services. Following are the common garage door issues homeowners may encounter at any time.

Noisy garage door: A louder garage door is a very hectic problem especially if you have a living room right above the garage. Inspect the garage door tracks and rollers thoroughly to see if they are dusty or dirty. Most often than not, a good washing or brushing with a proper application of bit lubrication will do the trick. You should also check the mounting brackets as well to find out the loose screws and bolts. Try to tighten the inside the metal brackets which connected the tracks to the walls. Any damaged or lose track does not only cause irritation in the ear but could potentially cause bigger trouble that might need a major repair service. In some situations, you will have to replace the hinges or roller. With the passage of time, the holes in the hinges might become bigger than they should be. It is good to hire a professional garage door mechanic to handle these issues.

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Frozen garage door: During winter, you will appreciate the convenience of having an automatic garage door that opens and closes by just pressing the one button.  But the cold weather would make things difficult. A garage door might get a freeze to the ground. In the milder situations, the icy layer may break when you press the button and command it to go upward. In the most difficult situations, the garage door simply just won’t run a bit. Pressing a button a little harder, again and again, won’t make it open. Just imagine, what you get? You will end up with a burnt garage door motor or broken hinges. Just keep in mind that the garage door technician might charge you a high amount for this job. In these situations, you will have to wait for a few moments to let the icy layer melt. You may also use a hot gun or hand dryer for this job or chip the icy away by hands using a shovel.

Garage door sensor is not working: Safety garage door sensors play an important role in the safe and secure operations of the garage door. The garage door is opened and closed, again and again, therefore, possibilities are there that the sensors might become displaced and disturbed. It is also important to confirm whether the sensor is placed in its right position or has been shifted a little bit. You can easily adjust the sensor to move it to the right place where it should be. It is an easiest garage door problem that you can handle by yourself.  Don’t forget that garage door sensors are operated by electricity. So it will be very dangerous. It is always suggested that call a professional technician to avoid these surprises and further damages on the account of garage door repair. After all, electrocution is a very harmful and serious threat.