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After the pandemic chilled spirits during the Christmas and holiday season last year, Mike Lauderbaugh is full of joy this year.

Lauderbaugh, owner of Red Fox Winery in Hickory, said things were quite different this year.

“It’s been good all of December,” Lauderbaugh said. “Especially after last year and COVID, we are seeing more people and more of them buying our wine.”

Lauderbaugh attributes much of the winery’s success to its Christmas Pop Up bar with floor-to-ceiling decor. He added that the Pop Up was there “all of December with Christmas music, trivia and decorations all the time.”

And of course, Christmas is not the only occasion for many to drink festive drinks during the holiday season. National Champagne Day is celebrated informally on December 31 on New Year’s Day.

While Lauderbaugh has said the winery is not open for New Years Eve, it is taking advantage of the holiday season, offering and showcasing its winter wines and snowdrift. Red Fox also offers a Chocolate Cherry Wine – “Hey Toots” – a Tootsie chocolate flavored concoction.

“It tastes like a Tootsie pop,” he said.

“The enthusiasm for the season is evident, we are seeing an increase in purchases and it is great for us and all small businesses when people buy from us. “

Lauderbaugh said it looks like the season is attracting a lot of married couples, as well as couples and engaged couples. They see the Pop Up and really get into the holiday spirit.

“We’re excited to see this,” Lauderbaugh said. “We are delighted to see the increase in sales and hope that it will continue into the next year.

Vinoski Winery in Belle Vernon features four new grape varieties this holiday season. The estate will reopen at 12:00 on Wednesday and will offer lunch at the Château accompanied by a variety of wines and Christmas decorations.

Ripepi Winery, Monongahela, gifted December’s Happy Hour, the holiday edition of their best-selling Ripepi White estate blend. He also introduced Winter Red, a new sweet and fruity – with a hint of oak.

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