Ax throwing, pouring your own draft beer at the Fort Tavern in Hays

Virtual reality modules at Fort Tavern and Patio Bar. The new bar is scheduled to open on Wednesday.

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The Fort Tavern and Patio Bar will soon be a hub of activity with ax throwing, bowling and virtual reality in addition to the typical bar games of pool, darts and arcade games.

The Fort, 109 W. Seventh, will open on Wednesday. The hours will be from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day with the kitchen open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“It’s basically more of an activity bar,” said owner Wes Rathbun. “We wanted to get up and do stuff instead of just sitting down as usual.”

Duckpin bowling uses smaller balls and pins. The bar has four lanes for this. The bar also has four virtual reality mods with a variety of games, as well as four ax throwing lanes.

Le fort aura quatre voies de lancer de hache.<br />“/><figcaption class=The fort will have four ax throwing lanes.

The ax throwing area is caged, but spectators can sit on a bar outside the cage and watch. Projectors project images of targets onto the walls. Real axes are used.

Another unique feature of the bar is an automatic 30 tap beer system. The user puts money on an RFDI scannable card, similar to a hotel key. When they receive the card, they are also patented.

The user then scans the card to access the beer. The card is billed by the ounce, so you can buy a pint at a time or ride a flight yourself, Rathbun said.

The fort’s self-pouring system is just one of three in the state, Rathbun said.

Le fort dispose de quatre pistes de bowling.  Les quilles et les boules sont plus petites qu'un bowling ordinaire.<br />“/><figcaption class=The fort has four bowling lanes. Bowling pins and balls are smaller than regular bowling.

Although Rathbun noted that the bar will be full, so you won’t have to pour your own drinks if you don’t want to.

In addition to beer, The Fort will have a full bar and Rathbun hopes to offer signature cocktails in the future.

The fort will have a limited menu, but Rathbun said the offerings proved popular when it opened smoothly. Some of the menu items include deep Detriot-style pizzas, burgers, and giant nachos.

“We’re not trying to be a big restaurant or have 20 burgers like the [Golden] Q. It’s much more specialized, ”he said.

The Fort is located in the long-standing former location of the Wild Rose Bar. Rathbun said he had completely gutted and renovated the interior of the facility.

“If you were ever here, it doesn’t look the same at all,” he said.

La Fort Tavern offrira un bar complet, ainsi qu'un système de bière à 30 robinets et à versement automatique.<br />“/><figcaption class=The Fort Tavern will offer a full bar, as well as a 30-tap automatic beer system.

The upstairs has been opened up with additional seating, games and a toilet.

Many visitors and local residents have already enjoyed the mural on the south side of the building, which includes selfie possibilities. Inside, you can snap a photo with the ax throne, which was custom made locally for the bar.

A future expansion is in sight for the building. A private party room at the front of the building has yet to be renovated. Rathbun also plans to start a patio remodel in January.

The interior capacity of the bar is 334 people. The new bar plans to employ around 22 people.

Rathbun said he hopes the new bar will attract more people downtown and off the freeway, people he hopes will also be able to eat and shop at other businesses on the Bricks.


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