Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon tie up “The Bachelor” in their boutique


Fan favorites Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon will soon be parents. While waiting for their new bundle of joy to arrive in February, they’ve been working on another baby so to speak. The two opened a cafe named Audrey’s in honor of Ashley’s mother.

Jared’s dream was the cafe and living room and also became Ashley’s dream when they got together. They took over the little shop and integrated The single person in their decorations. They also loved creating Christmas decorations for the venue and creating exclusive holiday cocktails.

How Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Bonded The single person?

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared aren’t about to forget how they first met. the Baccalaureate in paradise alumni have found ways to incorporate the franchise into the decor of their store.

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First, Jared pointed out to American weekly, they use Ben Higgin’s coffee. Jared said, “It’s called Generous Coffee, it’s a non-profit organization. It’s amazing coffee. It’s delicious coffee and it’s a good cause. He held up a sign with Ben on it in the store.

Another sign in the store reads: “On Monday evening we drink wine and watch The single person. Tuesday morning we drink coffee and recap. This one hangs above the fireplace. Along with those nods, there’s also a huge mural that incorporates the couple’s family, Jared’s home state, coffee, and The single person.

They did everything for Christmas

Ashley Iaconetti said: “We’re a little worried about starting the place off so loud because the Christmas decor makes it so warm.” They set up tons of poinsettias, a Christmas tree, and lots of candles.

They also set up a Christmas village that Jared was responsible for. He said, “I really wanted Snoopy, but Ashley wouldn’t let me.” Ashley said, “I said no characters, let’s stay classy.” He gave a tour of the village with a cellar which, according to him, should be Audrey’s. Their Buddy the Elf martini is their bestseller, but they have plenty of holiday-themed cocktails.

He said they imagined he would be decorated like someone walking into their living room. They also had seasonal martinis and donuts with lots of red and green.

Instagram, Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley said she went crazy at Home Goods, adding, “We love this place for Christmas time because it comes with this stone fireplace, which we put a little wreath on.” Speaking of the name of the cafe, Jared said, “I’m already sucking off the in-laws.” When they entered to show the living room, it was full of people.

What do you think of the nods to The single person Ashley and Jared included in their shop? Comment with your thoughts below and as always visit Ace TV Shows, for everyone Single news.

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