An open letter to Bill Rosado


Although we don’t know each other very well, we have had conversations over the years and have always thought of you as a reasonable person and to share your passion and taste for cars. I really enjoyed the TV series you did in Mérida and I was totally blown away by “My Brother My Hero”! Having worked in the field of developmental disorders for 45 years and having directed over 50 films on the subject myself, I can really appreciate what you have done. You have supported the Black Bear Film Festival for so many years and when I was a board member for 5 years I enjoyed that.

Now, however, I find myself in a difficult position.

What you have done with the Milford Theater is simply spectacular. You’ve kept the flavor and history while making it even better! Unfortunately I saw my last movie there last weekend because you own it now.

When I walked into the Tom Quick Inn after its renovation, it took my breath away, from the leather front door to the bar and dining area to this beautiful porch. But I had my last meal there.

Hotel Fauchère has always been a place to go for Bar Louis and sushi pizza, one of the reasons I love Milford, but not more.

My wife and I recently had dinner at Laurel Villa and my wife told the hostess it was the best French chicken she has ever had! I’ve heard that Laurel Villa is going to be a Mexican restaurant soon and we both love Mexico and Mexican food.

I have a lot of family and friends who are gay, black, Hispanic, Muslim, and Jewish. When I see you supporting the “Rod of Iron Ministries,” a cult that hates all of the aforementioned groups, worships AR-15 assault rifles, believes Jesus created the AR-15, and spits out messages of hate and violence in OUR community and when I see you promoting it by posting ads for their “Freedom Festival” at your car dealership, Milford Chrysler and displaying your logo on their ad online, I can’t spend my money hard won in places you own knowing that some of this money will go to “Rod of Iron Ministries” so they can promote more hate and violence against me and the people I love. And they are called a CHURCH! How do you think people who go to a real church feel about this? What would Jesus do?

I see posters on your sites promoting the mayor, insurgent Lisa Emery, someone who is backed by Teddy Daniels, someone who intentionally called our current mayor Xavier, husband of Sean Strub, Mexican then that he is actually Puerto Rican. I believe Daniels did this to further promote Trump’s false and racist election statement that “Mexico is sending us its worst, murderers and rapists.” If you haven’t seen this interview, here it is:

During the presidential election, Lisa Emery publicly disrespected, disparaged, degraded and disparaged an already divided community, specifically making bogus and vile statements about Democrats, Liberals and Joe Biden, in a community that YOU ARE TRYING TO ‘IMPROVE AND DEVELOP, with a display in your yard and on Broad Street for all tourists and potential residents to see, people you hope will frequent your businesses !. I can’t spend money on your business that might come back to him.

I don’t know what you are thinking and what you are doing and I realize that my wife and I are just two clients whose boycott of your businesses will not reduce your profits but I cannot sit idly by and you watch contributing to the already existing division in this beautiful, diverse city, which I love and personally support in many ways by supporting the people who hate me, my family and friends and who want to destroy our government and our electoral process.

You made your bed Bill and it’s really uncomfortable. It didn’t have to be this way, but it’s your choice. It is no longer a question of politics, but of community and the people of that community. Some people will follow my lead, others won’t care because they don’t see the big picture and I’m sure if and when I will send this letter to all the local papers and if and when it will. will be published, I will be categorically criticized for hurting your employees’ paychecks with my boycott and yet even with that said a group of wonderful forward thinking people in Milford are trying to find a way to help your employees financially , when business stops in winter, without ever spending a penny on your businesses; how embarrassing it will be for you as a businessman, but it’s the Milford I know, not your Milford. So Bill, as Superman would say, I am convinced that “the truth, justice and the American way” will prevail over hate, lies and injustice and most of us will be better off.

Jerry weinstock



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