All the best and worst food, drinks and cakes from the Platinum Jubilee supermarket



Supermarkets are selling special foods and alcoholic drinks to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – including Clarence the Corgi, Green Gourmet Jubilee Chicken Crowns and Tequila Rose

Lydia Veljanovski and Natasha Wynarczyk

It’s time to celebrate the platinum jubilee and retailers have gone into overdrive this year with their food and liquor specials.

There are twists on classic Coronation Chicken, including coleslaw, mini pastries, and even chicken steaks. Partygoers can also end their royal banquet with a Corgi version of a caterpillar cake and accompany it with a Jubilee-themed strawberry gin liqueur.

But which ones are fit for a queen and which ones are more like a corgi’s dinner party? Here we reveal all…

Clarence the corgi, Morrisons, £6

They say : Feast on a chocolate-covered Swiss roll – decorated with red, white and blue and sprinkles – to celebrate the Queen’s 70th anniversary on the throne.

We say: You’ll feel cruel cutting Clarence, because the sweet dog-shaped cake is just a paw. This sweet hit is the crown jewel of any Jubilee spread, and the kids will love it. ★★★★★

Clarence de Morrisons The Corgi Jubilee Cake


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Asda’s Coronation Asda Mini Chicken Crowns


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Coronation Mini Chicken Crowns, Asda, £2.50

They say: Beautifully spiced, wrapped in our golden puff pastry with a sprinkle of turmeric.

We say: Who needs a sausage roll when you could have a coronation chicken wreath? These shapely snacks can be eaten hot or cold and will reign supreme at any picnic. ★★★★★

Taste the difference Summer Edition Eton Mess Profiterole Stack, Sainsbury’s, £3.50

They say : Profiteroles in choux pastry filled with sweet cream, garnished with strawberry fondant and finished with Belgian white chocolate and pieces of meringue.

We say: This dessert is so sweet it could make the kids super excited at a street party, and it made us feel a little queasy. ★★

The Coronation Deli Coleslaw, Aldi, 85p

They say : A Jubilee version of the classic coleslaw.

We say: This shouldn’t work – coronation coleslaw with mixed raisins – but somehow it does. The combo is a taste explosion and a veggie addition to your jubilee lunch. ★★★★

Specially selected Victoria sponge cake, hand finished, Aldi, £1.85

They say : Soft biscuit filled with strawberry jam and butter cream, topped with a dusting of sugar.

We say: Wet mistress, and just the right ratio of jam and cream. This classic sponge cake is victorious. ★★★★

Green Gourmet Jubilee Chicken Crowns, Iceland, £3

They say : Crown-shaped chicken nuggets, ready for the Queen’s Jubilee.

We say: It reminded us of the turkey dinosaurs; slightly bland. It’s not something you’ll find served at Buckingham Palace, but definitely good enough for your little princesses and princes. ★★★

Iceland Green Gourmet Platinum Jubilee Wreaths


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Krispy Kreme Jubilee Joy donut, £2.45

They say: Donuts filled with strawberries and Kreme, dipped in purple frosting, sprinkled with white sprinkles with a Jubilee emblem plaque.

We say: The fun and vibrant frosting will make these snacks stand out at your street party. Not too sweet, but the strawberry and cream filling is delicious. ★★★★★

Tesco Finest Eton Mess Jars, Tesco, £3

They say: Layers of fruity raspberry compote and Madagascar vanilla flavored mousse, covered with a layer of Belgian white chocolate and decorated with meringue chips.

We say: Eton Mess? Eating it was definitely a waste. The fruit tasted wrong and the layers were bland. ★★

Tesco Finest Eton Mess Pots


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Jubilee Celebration Carrot Cake, Iceland, £2

They say: A carrot cake with nuts and a cream cheese filling.

We say: Light whipped frosting and a tasty, moist sponge. This cake is good value for money and not too sweet. You can not be wrong. ★★★★

The Delicious Dessert Company Celebration Eclairs, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, £2 for two

They say: Two choux pastry éclairs filled with pastry cream and strawberry cream, topped with strawberry fondant, decorated with a white chocolate lacing.

We say: The strawberry filling makes them too sweet to eat. One to feed the corgis instead – a dog dinner. ★

Victoria Jubilee Sponge Muffin, Lidl, 69p

They say: A Jubilee muffin filled with jam and cream on top.

We say: Pretty decent, but the sponge is a little dry and it’s stingy on the filling. However, points for the patriotic wrapper – the Union Jack wrapper makes it both a decoration and a snack! ★★★

Lidl Victoria Jubilee Sponge Muffin

Caramel corgi mousse cakes, M&S, £5 for two – out June 2

They say: These little beauties are the perfect sweet treat – filled with an indulgent salted caramel and caramel mousse and finished with a totally adorable Corgi face.

We say: Move over Colin and Percy, there’s a new M&S character in town! This royal rival is as cute as it is tasty, and the crispy base is corgi-ous. ★★★★★

M&S sells Caramel Corgi mousse cakes


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Coronation Creamy Chicken Breast Steaks, Asda, £4

They say : Chicken steaks with shredded coconut, herbs and our creamy coronation sauce.

We say: Initially wary of sinking our teeth into this odd steak, minutes later we were coming back for more. The chicken was a little dry, but the succulent sauce made it richer. ★★★

Strawberry flavor

Strawberry British Gin Liqueur, M&S, £16

They say: It wouldn’t be a British summer without the taste of delicious locally grown strawberries, so we’ve infused our new Jubilee-themed gin liqueur with their natural fruitiness.

We say: It’s not just gin…it’s M&S Strawberry Gin. Unfortunately not a good thing in this case. Sweet as candy, and doesn’t go well with tonic. ★★

M&S British Strawberry Gin Liqueur


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Sainsbury’s Pink Tequila


Reach Commissioned/Steve Bainbridge)

Best Strawberry Mint Gin Liqueur, Morrisons, £15

They say: Made with gin from some of the oldest working copper pot stills, distilled with ten of the finest botanicals.

We say: The bottle is adorned with the London skyline and lights up like a snow globe, filled with platinum flakes. Almost too pretty to drink, but the perfect gift for a loved one. ★★★★

Tequila Rose, Sainsbury’s, £11

They say: A unique blend of real dairy cream with strawberry flavor mixed with a touch of Mexican tequila. Perfect served on its own over ice or as a base for cocktails.

We say: Taste of Mexico, not the British Isles, but in our minds it’s still a Jubilee must. Why not take some shots in honor of our monarch? the strawberry taste is worth the hangover. ★★★★★

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